Drama in F-1. Red Bull and Vettel have “win”gs

The last race of F-1 in Abu Dhabi could not have been more better. WOW! what a race it was .The 55 laps of the high  speed drama not only gave Sebastian vettel his final win of the season but also his first ever world championship @ only aged 23. The race was dramatized in it’s very start with the legend Schumi spinning, ending his race and also luzzi in force India. The yellow flag was raised the team pit stops were immediately buzzing and the race started after nearly 4 laps of yellow flag. The fate of Alonso was at it’s worst on the day .he did not have a food start, yellow flag did not do any good for him,his previous team renault’s rookie tormented him keeping Alonso behind for almost the full race and Alonso did show emotions of regret after the end of the race towards the rookie. The great aspect of Vettel winning this race is Alonso& Webber were the prime contendor’s and vettel did his best to keep both of them at bay. Unlike Alonso,Vettel had a perfect start starting at P-2 steering to 1st leaving behind Hamilton,yellow flag helped him cement his position,The red bull did give him a great car (with wings?). The race was amazing , emotions were over flowing , the radio of Vettel was flooded with emotional outburst from his pit crew, im, team cheif, etc..,.Alonso has a day to forget. Red Bull and Vettel are in cloud 9. hamilton gracious in losing. over all a great  FINAL RACE for a great season

“Vettel has not lead the leadership table this year before the last race “-Take this one for timing


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