Guangzhou,Asian Games
Today,in the Asiad their was glory waiting for India to boost up it’s gold medals tally . the gold was not easy to come in the games which is massively dominated by the “New sports super power China “. India rested their hopes on shooters to boost the tally but that was not happening. Even though, the silvers were coming regularly.but, the gold is the color everybody want. not to forget , our pankaj advani gave our first gold in his domain of cue sports and the 2nd gold which came a bit late in the form of army man Bhajra Lal Takhar in an unexpected sport of Rowing.after that,their was a decent gap and the expectations of beating the 10 gold medals in previous games was going down. but today, the tables were turned on it’s head as India hurried towards adding 3 more gold to their safe.the first by Ronjan Sodhi in shooting men’s double trap ending the gold drought in the much expected shooting sport. the next two medals came from the most unlikeliest of events from the field of athletics. yes, India won not 1 but 2 golds in athletics . the first honor was earned in the 10,000 metres by a 1-2 finish by two Indians preeja sreedharan and Kavitha Raut respectively.the second honour in athletics came from Sudha singh in the steeplechase category,this medal of sudha sure needs focus because of the great finish by which managed a gold. she was closely contested by China’s jin who took silver losing by just 400th of a second.In the final 100 meter the sudha who was leading was nearly beaten for 2nd by the fast sprinting jin but sudha gave a final boost of power in the last 10 meters which left Jin behind the gold was thoroughly deserved. The people who watched this race would definitely be talking about it in their work tomorrow the race was one for the reckoning. overall, the efforts of the Indian’s were answered .keeping aside the gold’s. their were several other silver and bronze medals came in India’s way .Another positive for India today is that Boxer’s had a good round of wins putting them in next rounds and raising expectations for gold’s in Boxing as well. Athletics have started just today and hope the medals would keep coming in the athletic fields for India.India is now placed 8th in the list
Definitely”India’s Sporting prowess has increased and a sporting movement has started in the ever colorful India”

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