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Somdev Devvarman, the brand new poster boy of Indian tennis is in ascendancy and it is great news for Indian sports .

India and it’s vast diversity and cultures may be proud aspect of the Nation but if you ask me, these diversities together make a tough rough for Indian sports to travel. Somdev is one among the stars of India in a global sport.

Somdev came into spotlight thanks to Chennai open where he came in as a nobody and won the hearts of a million in India . Nobody expected him to go the next round but to everybody’s surprise  he breezed his way to the finals.Even though the run ended in the finals, it marked the very beginning of the glory of Somdev. The Rise of Somdev is just so amazing as it had a lot to do with the time when Sania, the princess of Indian tennis began to fall of the ladder losing her steam.Then the media took the mantle and started following the youngster. He was still playing qualifiers to enter the grand slams but still, an Indian in a singles main draw brought many eyeballs to the game which had Indian stars in the doubles draw only.Indian tennis had always had stars but nobody made it too big in the singles .the last on to make an impact was ramanathan krishnan and prakash amritraj but it was older times i am talking about.Somdev then came into the frame by breaking into the main draw of singles in grand slams regularly , the davis cup team made him feel a key player for India. The CWG hosted by India pinned their hopes on Somdev to win the Tennis Gold and on home turf  he did not disappoint anybody and grabbed that much touted gold. Now, the ASIAD Doubles gold is an another feather in his cap  he also now won the finals!!!!!!!!! ,that’s it! he will be in high spirits with lots of sponsors at his disposal and would get good facilities and foreign coaches to train with. It is upto him to decide on using to enhance his game and reign supreme or follow the footsteps of Sania who is no longer regarded as a threat in women tennis.

Yes, he’s gonna get the spotlight in the media and he has a great chance to get spoiled under the media spotlight but let’s all hope he does what is good for Indian sports. We don not need another super star in the Doubles .all we need is a super star in the singles arena



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