Nagpur,3rd Test ,IndiaVsNew Zealand

India the No.1 test team entered the series as the overall favorites. The Indian team steamrolled the Aussies and kiwis got steamrolled by Bangladesh.So the series wasn’t one of the most expected of the season .

The 1st test was a grueling draw making the kiwis intentions clear that they are here not to win but to battle a draw and buy back some respect home.

The 2nd test was again a dull draw much helped by the curator who laid a perfect highways instead of a  test pitch.Even the century maker Harbhajan was not  happy about the pitch (after all he’s a bowler).

The 3rd and Final test of the series and a draw again here would mean kiwis  topped India . the test had an usual start with Dhoni failing the toss and had to face the evil  stare from his bowlers. The bowling also did not have the spearhead Zaheer but less did deter the confidence of Ishant and Rock star Sreesanth , The ball was moving haywire mercilessly . sreesanth with his upright seem was un-battable and ishant with his venomous delivery stride was punishing the batsmen and the scoreboard soon showed 70-5. that’s it the session was conquered by India and moreover India was in the driver’s seat. Nobody in NZ could answer to the bowling of India and failed for 194. then came India’s most famed Batting line up and it lived up to it’s  fame with the top 3 of the 4 batsmen scoring fifties and one came close to a double century. Dhoni rose to the expectation and produced an glimpse of his past scoring a 98 and India piled up a huge innings lead and India were calling the shots in the match.With 2 days to go to save the match NZ was not expected to do so but NZ failed miserably by not even putting a fight  bundled out for 175. Mark Greatbatch the coach before the match said he has achieved what he wanted .I think he was a bit earlier to say something like that.

Newzealand , i also accept is not a great side but their intentions of buying a draw does not do justice for their talents . they did whatsoever did not perform up to the mark and deserved the series loss very much. after the loss in srilanka in 2008 India is yet to loss a series. That is the sole reason they are No.1 and they will continue to do so.

South african tour is around the corner and this would be the series of the season “N0.1 Vs No.2”

Let’s hope the Indians conquer South Africa and keep the No.1 ranking Intact.



newzealand,india,3rd match,no.1 ranking,southafria,harbhajan


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