At last, it is time to witness the most historical of all rivalries in the sports arena.The 133 year old cricketing rivalry is back and it’s more fiercer than it has ever been.
If you ask a cricketer from England or Oz what is the biggest achievement they would dream of, they would not say world cup, or no.1 ranking or anything but to play and win the ashes for their country.that is how much worth the series is for every Englishman and Aussies
The ashes even though is an ever continuing rivalry the most of the triumphs have went to the Aussies but in the recent past has witnessed the upsurge of the English in the game and especially against the Aussies. This is regarded as the great stimulant to the rivalry. The flintoff inspired ashes is still afresh in the mind of the aussies but all they would want is not to lose the little urn in their own backyard.
The English in oz is back after earning several feathers to their cap and oz are here after a humiliating test series defeat against India and clearly not regarded as the favorites to win the urn after a very long time.
The hopes of taking back the urn to the home rests mainly upon James Anderson and at present form regarded as the no.1 spinner in the world Graeme Swann and with the English middle order.
The hopes of not letting the urn take the flight strongly depends upon the only Mitchell Johnson and slightly upon hussey,clarke and ponting .clearly saying there is not much of hope in the Aussie bowling except johnson.
Let’s all hope” The ode of the Ashes Urn ” continues ..


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