Hussey Hustles! for OZ

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day2
Ashes at it’s best, the day 2 of the gabba test was totally awesome . the day of fluctuating fortunes continued with AUssie taking the 1st session , Eng the 2nd, post lunch Eng, final session for Aussies and for not to forget the badlight & rain. The Anderson tidal wave continued but did not get what he deserved and Finn impressed and the much hyped Swann did nothing. As i said in my previous post Hussey who was lucky enough to escape a golden duck but made inroads in his usual role of match savior for the Oz.Much was expected from Clarke but he failed , north also did not trouble the scorers and the last one to give some kind of support to Mr. Cricket was Haddin .The game was too good that it even attracted the Rain . The play was stopped and the regret was seen in strauss’s face but Aussies were happy to go back and come tomorrow as the play was stopped as soon as the new ball was taken . Tomorrow will be yet another interesting day with the new ball in hand and the fast bowlers finding rhythm . lot’s of question’s to be answered tomorrow . such as,
How much of a lead would aussie take?
Will Hussey score a century?
Will Swann or Johnson find Form?
Will England stop the Aussies?
Let’s Hope”The Bowlers take control in the 1st session making the match a 2nd innings match up”
The Ashes are slowly being formed out of the fiery performance of both OZ and ENG


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