El Clasico – Is it so?

Not Solely Responsible.

Nov 30, Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, La Liga
El clasico! that is what it is called the La liga match between the arch rivals Barcelona Vs Real madrid every season, but i doubt it after seeing this match.Touted the most anticipated match of the La liga season as both the teams were at a near deadlock for the top spot. But, i did not live upto it’s expectation. Real Madrid with all it’s international superstars and Barca with all it’s Spanish super stars the match line up seemed closely like world Vs Spain. The very start of the match was the start of all that is going to follow. The first goal was scored with the clock just @ 9 min’s by Xavi and thats it barca was the superior side throughout the match with the score line @ half time being 2:0 with Real seemed like getting in the groove but in the later half the Barcelona steam rolled their rivals scoring another three and finished the match with the score line @ 5:0. the match was not that a dead rubber as the score line suggests the match was painted yellow with an astounding collection of 11 yellow cards with joint effort by both the teams and like rubbing salt in wound Sergio Ramos was sent of in the finishing minute of the match.The celebrated C.Ronaldo could do nothing but dribble the ball. The other celebrated star Messi was firce in attack as he broke the defence of Real many a times. Mourinho stated in his statement that it was the worst defeat of his career
Now,”Barcelona leads the Standings and looking good for one more successive La Liga title”

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