Russia pips England to win Host status 2018

The most expected and the most scrutinized bidding process for hosting the 2018 and 2022 FIFA world cup is now over and the host nations are announced .

First, the rumors are true that England does not have good amount of support , as England failed the bid in the bidding process to Russia.

Russia is going to host a world event for the first ever time and it is going to be the mother of all events the Fifa world cup. The Russian bid was heavily promoted by rising star Arshavin,Pole vault queen Isanbayeva,And billionaire Chelsea owner abrohimovich and even though not present by President Vladimir Putin.England was let down from hosting yet another world cup and the Russian representative stated that”The world would not regret the decision”.As soon as Blatter announced the name the Russian crowd was ecstatic and their was heads seen drowning in the England camp which was also heavily promoted by Beckham,P.M David cameron,The prince of England.

The next bid for 2022 went for Qatar which faced heavy competition from the U.S.A which was promoted by Former President Bill Clinton. The Qatar has won the bid via it’s innovative bid of Climate control stadiums for the world cup which will be hosted during heavy summer.
That’s it honor’s evenly shared.


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