Trouble Ahead of Oz – Swann Spins it!

It is called sending them to all parts of the ground

2nd test,Australia Vs England,Adelaide,Day4

The 4th day, at last has some heat in the air as the match is heating up for a finish as England declared their innings @ 620/5 leading by 375 with KP signing off @ 227

The start of the day was as expected the English came with a fire or get fired attitude and they improved their lead and declared. Then came the Aussies into bat and they had a promising opening stand with katich seemingly having a niggle and could not run good between the wickets and @ lunch the scoreboard read 78/0. Swann was already in good rhythm and was hitting rough frequently and the much deserved wicket for swann di come as katich departed and soon enough the ever willy ponting left soon(will he be in the next match line up now?).

The ‘PUP’ clarke looks confident and ever in form watson seems to be providing some form of resistence to Englands quest towards leading the Ashes 1-0. @9.13 IST the score is 120/2 trailing by 225

Here’s Watson scoring yet another 50,Then Drinks

2 comments on “Trouble Ahead of Oz – Swann Spins it!

    • well! Yes,if it happens, he will be the only captain to lose three ashes. but one thing is for sure , if he loses this one , he will never be a captain once again….

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