Where the hell is Ashes Heading


After the first two tests and the dismal performance from the Aussies the Oz media is not at all kind enough to their home side and the poorest and greatest minus point of the series is the dropping of Mitchel johnson because of the media pressure and letting a sure shot probable for the world cup is a blind blunder in the part of the Aussies there by blunting his confidence and this decision comes after only one match of dismal performance when they have a huge problem of not having a good spinner for the world cup . In my perspective, even Hauritz should not have been dropped in the first place as this is not the time for CA to shuffle players as the World cup is nearing and Ashes would have given Hauritz the much needed experience to be in the list of World cup.
It’s Simple ” Trust the Devil you know, rather than a Devil you Do not Know”.
From this series one thing is for sure the Aussies are not planning on for a fourth consecutive Cup glory . England on the other hand enjoys the support from the media of both the countries and are doing their team selection based on their board’s panel of experts and not on media panel experts as the Oz do. Australia,i do not see them winning a single match in the series unless miraculously some player single handedly rises to the occasion.


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