Australia takes Beer to boost ashes morale

want to take a Sip?

The Ashes series down under is really taking it’s toll on the Oz selectors as they are loading and unloading too many players on and off the series. Aussies who are famous for its policy of shuffling players to give them rest and time to rejuvenate but this time around they are not doing for the stated reason . The Aussies famous for it’s strong bench strength is now struggling for players inside the playing XI as the bench strength is exhausted by big retirements that happened all together regretfully for the Aussies. The Aussies are still yet to find a spinner for the world cup and the latest entity in the spinners area is the very very very very less known Michael beer who made his first class debut just two months ago. North,Doherty,Bollinger have all been shown the doors and Aussies are facing a biggest of problems lacking a genuine spearhead and a quality spinner. but one doubt on my part is why upcoming bowlers and future prospects for Aussies such as johnson,bollinger & hilfenhaus have been dropped for a test in Perth. come on! somebody remind the selectors they are playing in Perth and there is no other ground in the world a fast bowler can regain his confidence.
The Aussies are breaking up into pieces and much to the worry, shane warne ! eventhough how much big he is and expectation and capacity as a player and a skipper ,one must remember one thing. He is out of action for quite a long and Ashes is not another amateur series such as IPL and further “he has developed one big beer belly”

Michael Beer or Beer belly warne . media has always had the upper hand when it come to ashes. lets see


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