List of Players coming out of Retirement to save The Ashes for Australia

[The Funny Side]

The Aussies Debacle in the Ashes have created a crazy wave down under for bringing back Warne from retirement to save the Ashes and further, to make him the captain of the team. In my mind i also have some players to make a comeback and one surprise inclusion to save the Ashes.
The list other than warne starts with
1. Mathew Hayden – he will definitely make a comeback if anybody wanted and no need of any funds as he will carry his mongoose bat to the crease and sponsorship is enough for him.

2. Another Opener in Michael Artherton – do not be surprised i know he is a former English Captain but still if he returns from retirement and makes into the England team the Aussies have one batsmen less to worry about.

3.Merv Hughes – A much needed bowler for the Oz but the reason he has to come out of Retirement is sledging . Nobody in the present Oz team has the teeth except that Ponting is trying to .

4.A.Symond – how can we forget him ! he was banned but still Aussies can give him a reprieve not only for his all round skills but also he will take all the pouncing from the media and help keep others safe from the merciless media.

5.Fred Flintoff – Really! Yes,our Freddy if he comes out of retirement for the English and makes it into the team then for sure he will get injured and catch the next flight home and can surely create headaches for the England selectors

6.Sir.G.Boycott – yes, our Geoff! if he leaves the commentator box and take the bat in his hands for the English .he will bat for all 5 days and will mark a draw and help the Aussies save some pride from losing the other tests too.

7. Then, G.McGrath – He will surely fill in the boots of spearhead bowler ,but he wont field and would only wear a pink jersey rather than the traditional white one.he would come for the funds and help the Aussies.

8. Lastly,The Surprise Package,A west-Indian? & BCCI? Here It is.
Steve Bucknor & BCCI – Whatever the Aussie bowlers appeal for viciously, Bucknor will give them @ will . Yes, he is also required to come out of retirement to save the Aussies and CA has to request BCCI to take over the series . Bucknor sure can give you a LBW of a wide ball without even the bowler appealing but UDRS would leave him standing red naked .So, if BCCI takes control it will not allow UDRS and Bucknor can give his decisions @ will and nobody could do anything about it. If Darell Hair is in the other side officiating Swann would be termed a chucker and English would exit the series with disgust.

So, what do you think and who are all others who deserve to come out of retirement….


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