Drogba Misses! as Chelsea settles for yet another draw

Nothing usual eh?

White hart lane,Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea

Chelsea, what happened to them these days? Chelsea started the season with a bang and rapidly climbed to the top spot virtue both points and goal advantage and @ the point when the league gets stabilized they are getting down and down with all their top players losing form all together not to the liking of Ancelloti .

on super Sunday, tottenham hosted Chelsea and if not for tott’s keeper ,the north london side would have capitalized for a win . tott’s had the early lead in the match and drogba at last fired one in as the goalie played a mess of the ball as it headed towards the goal even after him stopping the ball.
Then ,the game was not that much fought as both sides were defending the goal @will and nothing much could be done by both the sides with Chelsea firing frequent corners but unsuccessfully . the tott’s on the other hand had their first corner of the game only @ 85 mins and could not make a huge impact. Then came the movement when goalie Gomes was awarded a yellow card for his offense inside the box and resulting in a penalty for Chelsea @ 90 mins and Drogba stepped in and shot it unsuccessfully . Gomes became a hero from Zero within a minute and Chelsea could not improve it’s chances with only 3 more minutes remaining and yet again Chelsea finished with a draw and losing the opportunity to top the table for the second time in a row. Now, Arsenal leads the table with 32 points in 16 games , Chelsea in 4th place with 30 pts and a match more than Man. united who are third.

Another exciting match in the offing with Man. united hosting Arsenal


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