WACA …WACA…. doing the rounds as Ashes heads to 3rd Test

It's Ready to handle the heat

Thursday is going to be one hell of a day for cricket fans around the world. First there is The Ashes where World No.3 & No.4 would battle for pride and history and then world No.1 & No.2 would battle for supremacy.OK,lets get down to ashes first.The WACA ,Perth is going to play host for the most crucial third test that too after the Aussies going down 1-0 in the series after the Adelaide debacle. The Perth has gained tremendous expectations all because of the problems in selection and many see this test would ultimately seal the fate of the series and the main reason above all is the craziness revolving around the selection committee and the further more craziness courtesy selection of the rookie spinner . Lets , get down to the bottom of the test now

This test for some reason does not seem one-sided (at least for me!), even though England made the Aussies eat dust the last match with an innings victory the match is still poised because the Aussies are struggling because of two spinners, one they don’t have and another the English have and Perth gives you a seaming wicket were the spinners would be required to turn their finger’s or arm’s or wrist’s to an angle of 360 degree if they want to get some purchase of that thing called pitch. So, the point is the much criticized and much spoke about selection of Beer would all be gone for waste as he poses a minimal chance of playing the test except as a substitute. Mitch and hilfenhaus are in serious contention it seems and the Aussies would be stacking up their depleted bowling attack with 4 seamer’s and for sure Ponting would already be ready and started inquiring about the fine amount for slow over rate Harris would be the fourth bowler along with Siddle and in the part of England the bowling department would not be shuffled at all as Anderson is also back after the birth of his second child . Graeme Swann will definitely be in the scheme of things for the English whether it is Perth or even the highways, Swann has increased his reputation and so as a major strile bowler for the English.

The batting of both the teams would not be that shuffled except for Phil hughes replacing the injured Katich. Let’s see what Phil can do ,watson the other solid batsmen would go on to hit another 50 and not more than that , Ponting if he isn’t the skipper he definitely would not be in the squad,clarke showed some class in his lat innings which went in vein, Huss is the Wizard of Oz saving them,Haddin is their only option and he looks good both behind and beyonf the stumps.

The England batting is in it’s ripest form with all the top 4 batsmen scoring centuries in the last two matches , clooingwood and bell have some ground to cover and prior showed promise in the practice match and their not much of a problem we see here as there are players who can play the pull shot @ will which would be needed for handling the short ones which would be delivereed @ will .

Lets Hope”Barmy Army and Oz fans and cricket lover’s around the world get the real taste of The Ashes ”


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