Cup of Joy,Pride,Dreams,and Everything

Are you ready ?

Here i start again .. And i hope it continues.

The televisions have started telecasting the 1983 world cup time and again.The past world cup heroes have increased their air-time fees and the marketing hawks are busy catching air-time slots and big brands are busy preparing new Ads to promote their brands and what more, the news channels as usual ,are boasting as though India has already won the cup. You may be wondering why all this hooplah around a tournament which is played by just 12 countries and is boasted as a world cup . If this same question pop up’s in your mind , i say “GET OUT” . This is India,this is cricket, this is world cup and this is what happens,happened and will happen again again and again and yet again. These are times when the adrenalin shoots up and the temperatures hits the roof .Million minds think alike and even a scam as big as 2G cannot divert those million minds. Three more days to go and already the build up is as huge as it can be .Let’s join the crowd ,increase the sound of that roar,let’s all hope that cup stays here in our home, let’s all celebrate these upcoming days of cricket and welcome it with pure jubilation and pure cricketing spirit……

Let’s hear it one more time and continue to do it again and again .Let’s Roar….. “INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA”


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