The Blogger Who Missed it

If somebody comes up to you saying I want to be a Filthy Rich and next thing he says “I hate to work hard for it”.what do u feel ?.Can you handle that attitude . That’s the case of the subject here.. This is how this story goes(A Short story rather).

There was a time where lived a guy who loved sports and literally could not start his day without a dose of it. He would jump into any conversation involving any sports and he always wished he’d be involved with it in one way or the other but it remained only as a wish for quite too long . Later in his life trail he forgot his passion which was raring to come out, then the mighty internet provided him an option to follow his passion along with his life trail,Then too he adopted a different passion forgetting the one he has,but nothing could not be Hidden for long and his inner flame of passion made him aware of it and thanks to God he started following it . The guy become one of the million bloggers and started blogging all about sports and he reached a point where he was doing it with ease and just got started to get minimal recognition  with his closer groups ,but nothing stays for long.The game of life closed the Gap which was used for his inner-self, His plans crumbled and the funniest thing is that … he wasn’t even aware of it. His immediate plans went to toss one by one . The Guy who wants to be a great sports enthusiast and sports writer funnily missed (only to write) the much anticipated and later became the historical CWC 2011(!Forgot to say “He Bleeds Blue”!) and the second one to go for a toss was the glitz and glamorous IPL 2011 .  Is their anything more to miss for a sports blogger in India .

I Think there “is” and I doesn’t want too miss anymore.

The Story Does not End Here .

It Continues………………………


One comment on “The Blogger Who Missed it

  1. Hey dude, you explained your situation perfectly. I feel the pain you had as I was too missing some of those wonderful moments but not as bad as you.

    Anyways Past is Past. You are back to form now. Let me pray for your passion to continue. There is a little selfishness in my prayer as I’m a great fan of your blog, I do not want to miss them anymore.

    Our past was bad. Lets hope for a better future. Chill Machan!!!

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