Badri gets the call as India tours Windies


The World Cup is over, IPL nearing it’s end  and Indian Cricket never seems satisfied with the no.of days of Cricket. IPL got underway even before the mess caused of celebration is cleaned up in Wankhede. Now The Team Would be on the Flight to Windies  nearly after the IPl curtains comes down.

The selectors had some breathing time in between IPL to sit down to form a team which is now the champions of the world in all formats of the game.  This will be the first challenge for the Newly crowned ODI champs. Sachin  has not selected India to play to get his body some respect.While Dhoni&Zaheer were given rest by the teamwhile sehwag is looking after his shoulders. A fresh look Indian team is being selected with Gauti(nowadays being called “double G”,which very much similar to India’s gully cricket term 2 G reffering to runs granted ).leading the charge and lot of new faces getting a look in definitely not reflecting their IPL performances but Domestic (Isn’t IPL a domestic competition). Badrinath a committed cricketer, technically good, consistent for the Domestic and widely regarded as the most unlucky talent in the country gets a look in again backed by domestic performances. Karthik being neglected ahead of Saha is a huge surprise and Rohit Sharma get’s a look in again to prove his mettle. Y.Pathan again selected and i kind of not satisfied of his selection and this Windies tour is going to be a final tour if he does not shine.Sreesanth  shunted out correctly and vinay kumar and Ishant gets a look in for some seemer friendly tracks, Bhajji stays and he has to perform or else  selectors will start to question him also.

Ok, lets See whats On store this season……. in the ever Breezy but slightly Boring Windies..


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