India Bullies West Indies to Go 1 up

Too Clean.

Too Clean.

India in West Indies Test Series – 1st Test

If the One day series was a dead rubber and what more one can expect from the test series between two teams facing contrasting futures . The only thing that keeps west indies an interesting team is all because of the fiasco between gayle and board. India, the team which was widely critcised for not producing  a genuine fast or swing bowler suddenly looks like a team which has everything in it’s armory . As a cricket fan i am happy that India has sent it’s almost top side for the test series giving respect for the game.

This test match did had some interesting things.The two delhi openers who couldn’t make it to the tour was replaced by two Tamil Nadu opener’s . But Dehi’s dominance cannot be forgotten in Indian cricket nowadays as “Future of India” Virat Kohli received the hopnour of wearing the Indian test cap, along with A.Mukund and P.Kumar. MSD back after a brief resting period walked for the toss and eventually batted first winning it.The young pair of Vijay and mukund could do anything against the  swing and it seemed nobody was ready for it either as India was sudeenly looking down the barrel with a scoreline of 85/6 and thats where the ODI captain of the tour stepped up to his game and Bhajji providing the solid support to him upped the score until bhajji succumbed to edwards holing one in the deep on 70 with the score reading 231/7. Then P.kumar,Mishra and Ishanth could do verry little as India settled for a score of 246 with Raina being the last man to go if not for a beauty of a catch by Bishoo for 83.Bishoo was the most impressive bowler and mark my words “He is playing towards Greatness ” and i could not imagine a West Indian team without him atleast for 10 yrs. as for as Spinners place is considered in the WI “It is taken”. 

Then came West Indies with the highly rated Adrain bharath opening the innings  and yes indeed he did live up to it scoring a 64 but no other batsmen showed any type of resilience towards Indian bowling and as soon as barath was gone chnderpaul adn baugh tried to restore some pride and Praveen was red hot to handle and triggered a collapse and praveen could do nothing wrong except for running of the pitch and he did that 3 times and Rudi was in no mood to excuse and was prohibited to bowl anymore in the innings.bhajji,ishanth & mishra cleaned off the others and West indies were bundled out in the second day of the match providing the most crucial first innings lead to India and that too 73 runs.

                                     Then came the Indian openers and Vijay got a dipper right away and was too unlucky to have missed out once again but mukund credited his selection with an decent batting display and India again succumbed to a early collapse with the scoreboard reading at one point 57-3 then virat joined dravid and left when the score was 100 and their were some litlle partnerships that pummeled India second innings and the only thing in common in all those partnership’s was Dravid and what more can we ask him from a legend a 100 in second innings in a pitch which was assisting swing and stoping for the spinners . Dravid was asusual at his classy best and carried on until the end and a surprise six of his willow,Dravid was the last man to go and he went off in an Un-Dravid manner holing ut in the deep. Again Bishoo took 4 of the Indian wickets and sammy gave somekind of partnership this time .India finished the innings at 252 setting the Windies a target of 326 in apitch which is breaking up and there was a very meagre chance that Windies could turn the heat in the 4th innings that too with their batting line up.

The start of the Windies 4th innings was more than surprise for many as Barath hurried off to a real quick start(sehwag is remebered!)and that too a good one until he fell when the score was 62 and the collapse was about to start until bravo and chanderpaul straightened things up and that too lasted for a while as Bravo was cleaned up Praveen who started yet another Windies collapse and suddenly the scoreboard read 150-6 . Then sammy lit up the momentum sending bhajji for the cleaners three consecutive times before being sent back and there was another collapse as b’day boy Baugh got a duck for present , nash went without much adeu and the score was 188-8 and India was waiting to finish the formalities but the tail wagged a little much more and rampaul went back caught behind to a scorcher of a bouncer which was not a short ball(confusing right!) and atlast given out and edwards along with bishoo actually crated tremors down the spine as they continued their innings without any kind of problem from spin or swing but the hope didn’t last long as Raina was their too clean up the wood work of Bishoo.That’s It India Won by 63 runs.!!!Hurrah!!!.

The match was nothing but a good old test match on a seemingly bowler friendly pitch and Dravid the Btasmen was Adjudged the MoM rightly!

Bishoo impressed,praveen impressed,raina sizzled, bhajji entertained, mishra failed,ishanth was fierce and finally MSD won(yet again!). India now leads the series 1-0 and are very much poised to win it. Let’s Hope we have a intense match next time. “Let’s Hope”

HurraH ! India lost

A Late take off

India Vs West Indies,4th ODI


The tournament that nobody wanted and still staying the same way had at-last had a change in momentum and even though it was an very late momentum swing but still it is welcome. The west indies actually took a long time(3 matches) to realize that it was a second string side that was touring them and not the same team that lifted the trophy. and when they found it out India were already planning to play their 3rd string side. India already being wrapped up the series fielded some changes in their bowling armory and continued with their 2nd string batting line up(missing- shewag,sachin,gambhir,yuvi,dhoni). Raina after adding a feather to his cap by grasping his maiden series win  won the toss yet again and with all the cliche’s happening around fielded again and restricted Windies to less than 250(actually 249) but with a little twiat of India ending up on the losing note this time around as sharma could not repeat his heroics again

The Windies once again had a poor start to the match batting first losing two quick wickets but opener simmons stayed a little longer this time saving his pride  and there was another guy who was saving his pride and he is the tall and humungous Pollard after a failed IPL and a poor two matches played the savior role with an un pollard innings scoring 70 with less than a 100 strike rate.These heroics helped Windies score 249 their highest for this season  setting a target of 250 in a turning pitch which was later claimed by martin as his backyard.

Then came the Indian openers and parthiv was as usual fluent and failed to convert his start and Tiwary was like a guy who came straight out of a horror movie poking outside off regularly and eventually got out(he would have been happy i think!). then the collapse started yet again as the previous match . parthiv returned back and much expected Badri also came back and kohli could do nothing after a decent time in the middle, rohit failed after a very promising start failing against martin , raina continued his poor form in foreign lands, Y.pathan went back faster than his shots used to be,Ashwin showed some prowess with the bat but could do very less considering the loss of wickets, praveen did not waste much energy and mishra and ishanth were formalities . martin spun it good as he took 4 wickets with kohli,rohit,and raina among his scalps . In the end India was bundled out in the 39th over for 146 and for the very first time Windies looked like a home team.

At-last Windies were showing class in the series and that is a good sign for the upcoming test series for the record India lost it’s very first match after the magical world cup finishing a 7 match streak. Martin who was adjudged the MoM was highly modest in his speech in which he told he never knows the word “Lose”. Man, he a west indian in the Sammy era don’t he knows that viv and clive have already retired and walsh and ambrose are writing columns and he sure has to come back to earth and play the next match.

For the very first time i’ve felt relieved that India lost. But still, gutted we should have done a white wash.

IPL – The Aftermath

               The Tournament which is touted as the major reason for the decreasing viwership for 50 over format and would have been the foremost reason if CWC 2011 would have failed (Thanks to Indai winning it ) interestingly ,was at the receiving end this time around .The very recently concluded IPL -IV were missing some elements right at the start of the season which most of the so called experts missed out rather emphasising on cricket over kill,quality,no.of teams,blah,blah,etc..,.  the major elements that IPL-IV lacked were

                i) The most unique feature about  IPL is  that , it is the only  tournament bringing in players from all around world together in a single tournament other than World Cup and as it followed CWC the uniquness is lost right at the start.

               ii)Then, IPL – IV lost  its sheen because of it is the first season were the profit calculations were almost overe even before a ball was bowled. so, the surprises in the commercial aspects were almost dried up.

               iii)USP’s of all the seasons

                              IPL-I    – India world T20 champs ,A venture which was the first of it’s kind (officially!!) ,shane warne & Rajasthan

                              IPL-II   – First Indian premier league in a foreign country (IPL in SA)

                              IPL-III – Back in India , parties ,bollywood,politics,Lalit modi,always in the news,conspiracies,scams………..and going on

                              IP-IV – India world 50 over champs,Two New teams, Lot of Player changes, n no. of matches, less close encounters, Malinga’s toe crushers, Gayle fireworks,Dhoni Wins.

         Further, we cannot say IPL-IV was a failure  certainly not. we can simply say it does not meet upto the expectations of the previous seasons. Further on this IPL was viewed by some people who according to me cannot be called as sports followers as though the matches are rigged or fixed. i have a question to ask them

“Can you explain  the emotions of those owners who are filthy rich but still sitting along the side lines in scorching heat and supporting their teams without considering their image (only a few of them are actors.)?”

This IPL also had controversies , but all sorrounding the outgoing Shane warne and all about the pitch and N. Srinivasan and his csk side which eventually won the trophy (retained to be specific!) . But one thing stays for sure –  the emotions of people always stays with their city or region to which they belong and they do not least care  about the venture which is largely Private and IPL in no time will reach high standards with each team already spend a whole lot on coaches and support staff and by in return the already proven result –


IPL this time glittered lightly. But Still,  it is an eternal star on it’s ascent . lets travel with it…………