This was a series Between England Vs Dravid and 10 other Indians

Walking Tall "The Wall"

“Curtains Down On the Test Series”

The now infamous test series is over after the Indians being white washed(not racist) 4-0 . The Indians can dig up a huge well to hide their faces in the ground. Apart from losing the mace for the No.1 spot in tests the series was a drubbing and actually a spit in the face for many Indian fans.But, One man who stood alone from the bunch of the poor Indians and the only man who stood his crease saving the pride of India and gave the millions of Indian fans something to cheer about even in this series is our very own Rahul dravid “The Wall”. Even when the other batsmen where falling like nine pins to pure swing bowling and some spin also in the last match this guy was given some humongous tasks of padding up to open and sometimes wicket keeping too , but asusual with his spirit of commitment to the game and the country he did it all and commendably including carrying the bat in the 1st innings of the 4th test.

I had little interest to write about the test series and wants to forget it as a nightmare but , doing so would be a great injustice to the most committed cricketer i have ever seen who among the shambles glittered as the crown jewel who always put a big price on his wicket. I also don’t want to elaborate the series detailing about the flaws of the Indians and highlighting the commendable performance by the English .so, here i finish about the test series in a line.

“This was a series between England Vs Dravid and 10 other Indians and England are the new No.1”

India have Really ****** It up This Time

no place to hide.

India Vs England, 4th Test , Kia Oval

The England has rubbished India’s threats in the 1st 2 tests and teared them apart in the 3rd and their dominance continues in the 4th too.Only one question

When England could score above 500 without any struggle whatsoever . why cant India score atleast a 150 without any hiccups ?

England again continued their Batting practise in the middle only to be interrupted by rain and as it seemed ,only rain god’s could have stopped England from scoring yet another 700+ score .Ishant, sreesanth were tiring out and incoming R.P.Singh could not bowl any slower and he couldn’t even cause a minor doubt in the batsmen’s mind. Mishra could be forgiven given the fact the English wickets are not that condusive to spin , but guess what Swann took three wicket’s the same day.

Sehwag survived the 1st ball this time and scored a couple of fours the 1st over and also went back the same over. The Indian batting was again the same old story as all others walked from and to the Pavillion, Dravid alone was giving some sort of resilience Dhoni walked in to face the last over as nightwatchmen Ishant went back failing his job and finished the day with a four as India reached 103 but for the loss of 5 wickets.

The Lazy England doesn’t want to bat again it seems ( so does Sehwag ). Anderson striking early, Swann making inroads and Indian batsmen will be padding up again only to lose the only honor India haven’t lost in the series – to face a follow on. so, the Indian’s have already spoiled most Indian’s Weekend and it seems they are further ready to make it much worse.

So, I am Guessing what the Indian fan will be thinking. Of course, everybody can guess it right ….

He would be hoping India will demolish the English in the one-day series.As per the present form the hope seems forbidden.Atleast they could win a match in one-day’s i guess.

Let’s see.. oh sorry… Let’s Hope.

Who Is The Real Indian Cricket Fan?

Carrying On His Head

There are reasons I chose to write this topic

–> India Loses Series in England

–> India Loses World No.1 Ranking

So, who’s the real Indian cricket Fan?

Ans. May be the one who sit’s atop the BCCI ,May be the one who follows cricket in the net from work, may the one who is unemployed and taking a more serious note of Indian cricket rather his own life, may be the one who sit’s on the commentator’s box wearing a gentlemen suit,may be the one who sits in the pavilion waiting for his place, may be the one who could not prove his worth in the field,may be the one who is being blamed at this time for it’s defeat , may be……… and it goes on & on & on… and again poses the question

so who is it?

He is the one who still reminisces the nightmare six miandad hit off the poor chetan sharma,He is the one who cried along with vinod kambli in 1996, he is the one who got frustrated off the mahanama & jayasuriya’s mammoth partnership¬† , he is the one who hid under his bed-sheet hoping for the impossible when the mighty sachin clobbered the aussies in sharjah to make it possible , he is the one who even after the match-fixing scam which rocked the foundation of the game itself still believed in it’s spirit,¬† he is the one who had tears flowing down his cheeks when Henry olonga pulled off a upset in CWC 1999 , he is the one who rejoiced and savors the memory of sourav’s and dravid’s mighty innings in the same CWC,he is the one who witnessed Live the sachin 100 against his Back injury and against the Pakistani’s who eventually won the match and was part of the most famous Chennai crowd which cheered their firece rival’s , he is the one who celebrated like crazy when kumble took a 10 for against the fiercest rival’s,he is the one bunked his school to watch the previlaged VVS innings against the then mighty Aussies to pull off the most impossible victory, he is the one who rejoiced on the occasion when Bhajji struck the last blow to nail India’s series triumph against the then World champions,he is the one who was praying for sachin for his cure of tennis elbow,he is the one who could not forget the natwest final when Dada was going crazy from the lord’s balcony,he is the one who had the unimaginable pleasure when sehwag clobbered the pakistani’s to become the Nawab of Multan, he is the one who idolized Dravid for the type of commitment exhibited by donning the keeping gloves for the county’s sake,he is the one who still lingers on the surge which India took to reach the finals of the CWC 2003 , he is the one who still have nightmares of the frenzied hitting Ponting exhibited which actually ripped the heart of 1 billion Indian’s in the Finals of the CWC 2003, he is the one who still curses Guru Greg for the turmoil caused by him on Indian cricket,he is the one who was jumping crazy over the crazy ,ruthless and dare devilish innings of Lion maned MSD , he is the one who held his head high when India chased successfully continuously for about 16 games,he is the one who abandoned his Tv’s ,Newspapers and everything after the bizarre exit of India from the 2007 CWC , he is the one who woke up all his neighbors screaming in the midst of the night when Broad was creamed by Yuvi for Six sixes , he is the one who lifted a friend of nearly 150 pounds when misbah ill-scooped joginder only for sreesanth to have a moment of a life time, he is the one who spent countless days watching IPL only for the timeless entertainment it gave, he is the one who was exhibiting mountable trust on the the resurgent Indian Side under the leadership of MSD,he is the one who witnessed Live the ruthless 300 sehwag his second scored against poor S.A in Chennai, he is the one who froze for a moment forgetting how to appreciate or celebrate the first ever 200 in ODI by Sachin , he is the one who like billions of Indian hearts beating for India to hold the World cup , he is the one who frantically enjoyed the downfall of Aussies on the hands of the eventual champs,he is the one who had sleepless nights before the semis against the historical rival’s,he is the one who could not even think of yet another CWC 2003 against the Lankan’s, he is the one who still did not lose heart when Sehwag and Sachin exited early, he is the one who hugged whoever in sight for a reason of the lifetime on the night when India under MSD attained eternal glory, he is the one who along with millions was exhausted of the too much cricket but still watched the IPL throughout, he is the one who even watched the depleted Indian side battling against the hopeless Windies, he is the one who at this moment is in unimaginable shock of India losing the series to England straight and losing it’s No.1 crown after a good amount of time ,apart from all these………….

he is the one who still believes India would salvage some pride from the last test and would upstage a miraculous comeback in the ODI’s to come and finally coming to the answer of this post “IT IS ME” .

I still believe in the team i have believed right from the day i knew of the game . I give no ear’s to the men who sit in an air conditioned room and does the job of a critic for money,

i give no ear’s to former greats who fear of getting forgotten, i give no ear’s to any new’s channel which exaggerates both the high’s and low’s , I only give my ear’s to the Hearts which beats


All those heart’s which beat like mine are “TRULY THE REAL INDIAN CRICKET FAN“.

Come On let’s stand behind our men who are now Down but definitely not out! and lets together cheer “India …..India…India….India….India…..”