This was a series Between England Vs Dravid and 10 other Indians

Walking Tall "The Wall"

“Curtains Down On the Test Series”

The now infamous test series is over after the Indians being white washed(not racist) 4-0 . The Indians can dig up a huge well to hide their faces in the ground. Apart from losing the mace for the No.1 spot in tests the series was a drubbing and actually a spit in the face for many Indian fans.But, One man who stood alone from the bunch of the poor Indians and the only man who stood his crease saving the pride of India and gave the millions of Indian fans something to cheer about even in this series is our very own Rahul dravid “The Wall”. Even when the other batsmen where falling like nine pins to pure swing bowling and some spin also in the last match this guy was given some humongous tasks of padding up to open and sometimes wicket keeping too , but asusual with his spirit of commitment to the game and the country he did it all and commendably including carrying the bat in the 1st innings of the 4th test.

I had little interest to write about the test series and wants to forget it as a nightmare but , doing so would be a great injustice to the most committed cricketer i have ever seen who among the shambles glittered as the crown jewel who always put a big price on his wicket. I also don’t want to elaborate the series detailing about the flaws of the Indians and highlighting the commendable performance by the English .so, here i finish about the test series in a line.

“This was a series between England Vs Dravid and 10 other Indians and England are the new No.1”


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