A more riveting Series On the Line . The Aussies Vs The Proteas

A Mini-War This Time

Australia Tour Of South Africa.

The Cricket as a game was played among nations with rich history and so,has witnessed too many rivalries that have actually elevated the gmae of cricket and the manner of the game being played and there are rivalries which does not have anything to do with history or culture or boundaries or nations but Cricket itself . Those rivalries are unlike any rivalries the result of these rivalries are great matches, great innings, great performances and unimaginable exhibition of Talent and From OCt 13th onwards the Cricketing World is gonna witness one such series among the what can we call hmmm….? “Cricketing Rivals” , No One would disagree with me i guess .

Though the rivalry was as early as South Africa entered into the cricketing Arena the Original seed for the rivalry was sown and sprouted during the 1999 CWC semi-final when Allan donald was run-Out by Darren lehman which literally ripped out the million hearts that beated for S.A that day. The Nation Of S.A went into an unofficial Mourning for about who knows how long! to get releived from that shock. Then the rivalry shown different faces like places for No.1 spot in both Test and ODI, The second one such instance which no one could ever forget was the series deciding match at Johannesburg where Australia scored A 400 Above score and that was the very first instance a 400+ score was ever achieved and When everybody thought Aussies were run away winners of the match and series , Gibbs , smith and the rest of the S.A team thought Otherwise overhauling the mammoth task the same day when it was set the first time and those people who witnessed such a chase cannot ever forget every single moment of the match, the Win by S. A was like smashing the Aussies in the face with a iron fist saying “You are not alone on the Top” and i can surely say that’s when other countries gained belief Aussies were beatable.

The Aussies Vs The Proteas has seen some riveting moments of cricket  like, Smith courageously declaring on the lunch of the 5th day to acquire a result and yes he did, but to his dislike Aussies triumphed with a fast scoring Win in half-day of non-test like cricket on a 5th day.Smith once again showed the type of courage by taking guard  in Sydney test with a broken left hand to save the test but eventually failed. We could go on and on ,Even though there is no No.1 spot in hand for the Aussies and this series would no more be the the No.1 Vs No.2 and the series is very much shortened without justice  with just two-tests , three-ODI’s , and two-T20’s. The series stills revokes the memories of the rivalries and Both the teams with New captains and New coaches would surely be worth watching and much more can be anticipated out of this series like any Aussie Vs South Africa Series.

Let’s the Boundaries be breached , make the stumps fly , let the men pluck catches out of no-where,But Please no D-L Method.

Let’s See and Enjoy the Show between the “Cricketing Rival’s”.


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