Aftermath of Indian GP – A Indian’s perspective

Sachin Ends It In Style .

There was a time when People of India where satisfying their pride with a Maruthi 800 ,that period changed with people started buying semi-luxury sedans and many car manufacturers started setting up their companies in India.Even that time Car was for the bosses ,elite and highly elite and suddenly Sachin Tendulkar in mid of a cricket series was invited for a Formula 1 race and Ferrari gifted him with a car and he brought it over to India and their was talk that Petrol for that car is not easily available in India . F1 the already big money churning motorsport was at that stage starting to gather  a fan following In the country and Schumacher was the only name known to everybody synonymous with F1 in India ,Ferrari is the racing team everybody knew of the Sport.Then the time came ….

Kumar Ram Narain Karthikeyan , From south of India ,the only familiar name in the Indian motorsport circuit and eventually with more success in other competitions managed to grab some F1 eyeballs and was picked up by the JordanF1 Team and that’s when Indian’s started following the sport atleast in newspapers but, it is said that “A driver can only be as Good as his car” and so Narain could not glitter among the stars of F1 for long. The Indian newspaper’s at that moment only had one another name other than schumi to put it on their F1 news.A season change was also imminent on the F1 with people other than schumi started winning the races and various other teams were competing heavily and thats where Mclaren-Mercedes ,BMW-Williams and definitely Jordan started to become familiar. Then there was a sudden silence about F1 in India possibly because of No Narain Karthikeyan,Schumi retirement, New champions,new rivalries,too many new names, new teams, new rules and whatsover. Then it happened again.

Vijay Mallya, Yet another one from South of India  The Liquor-Baron, One of the most familiar names in Indian and world Business Grabbed the Eyeballs of the world of F1 . this time by Buying a Team and further embraced it with the name Force India and nothing more can be said after that India has a F1 Team and will be in grid in every race whether the team wins or loses,nothing mattered really!. Indian followers were fast getting accustomed to the Rules, Teams.Drivers, Rivalries,etc..,. all thanks to The Man From Bangalore . India were starting to think of the reality of Hosting a F1 and it was supposed to host in 2010 and as is India’s any attempt – It failed and even then the hopes didn’t dry off and the chances of 2011 was taken seriously and it atlast the dream was about to get real and it did become real.Then the Day arrived

Oct 30th,Buddh International circuit,Noida , this was the place where almost all of India was looking upon , not only India but the World Of Motor Sports was looking upon it in excitement. One small slip in anything would have ended up tarnishing India’s Image in Sport’s(Eventough, F1 was hosted by Jaypee group) and the hungry dog’s in media would have brought down the whole of India as though millions were dead out of an epidemic.But,Indian GP made it’s Debut in style and Indian’s(who were rich enough) got to see some high speed car’s which were literally flying through those Roads.It seemed though it wasn’t India at all and we were in some other nation witnessing a spectacle.The leading Flag bearer’s of Indian Motor sport’s in N. Karthikeyan and Team newly renamed Sahara Force india made a good sailing in the race which pleased the home crowd . Sebastian Vettel(Ger) Who didn’t even broke a sweat during the race almost made it like a exhibition of fancy cars but thanks to some rash driving from F.Massa(Bra) and poor hamilton(UK) who as a result went down a few places down helped create some incidents to spice the race up. M.Webber(UK) finished 2nd and F.Alonso(ITA) 3rd finished atop the podium . A.Sutil of Sahara Force India finished 9th and N. karthikeyan finished 16th. To add some Indian style of finishing it off ,Sachin the brightest star Of Indian sporting fraternity waved the chequered flag it sign off the Indian GP in style.

India once a nation looked in awe about fancy cars which clocked some unimaginable speeds in glamourous race tracks and Indians who always had the opportunity to see those cars in T.V or in some Foreign Exhibitions were actually sitting in their own country witnessing the same glamour and speed that they once thought as a distant dream. The ferrari’s,the mercedes’es,the williams’es which were once thought as high grade cars that would not even come to India is now racing in India and that too for Indian Audiences. This event though would not bring any official recognition among nations but, indirectly has told other nations that you cannot still pretend not noticing India as a sporting power and has soundly voiced……

                  ” India is here and we will be here for long”


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