Windies Wind Up @ Kolkata

Rattled 'em

India Vs West Indies, 2nd Test ,Kolkata

                                                              First, The Aussies and Proteas messed up my weekend by finishing their match on friday taking a weekend break then The great BCCI or ICC whoever is responsible for helping Test matches thrive, quite brilliantly planned to start a match on “MONDAY”.Guess what! The folks @ media were catching upto the occasion saying there is no crowd in the stadium to watch the match. What Do You expect? An Indian would take rest in the weekends and get freshen up for a Test match in Monday and would love to come all the Five days with India Facing a side which was fancying itself because it gave a tough fight against Bangladesh. Then One More thing! It’s because of the Ranji season or What ? Why no matches are being played beyond 4 days(The Aus vs Sa was 3 days!) . Since there were too many youngster’s they got confused with the ranji and was pepped up to finish it in 4 days!~! . Ok, here i go angrily in brief of how brief the match was.

Day 1 – India Bat’s First , Dravid Gives it a burst and VVS was their at Eden to do his best.

Day 2 – Yuvi was poor, Dhoni on Fire , VVS wrist’s just don’t Tire , Windies to face India’s ire

Day 3 –  India Spun It On , Windies Follow On , End of the day with only 3 wickets gone

Day 4 – Bravo Sizzles ,Yadav Fizzles, Windies Rolled over like Skittles ,India Grabs all the laurels

Day 5 – Whatever!!!!!! You Lazy Cricketer’s …..Play the God Damn 5th Day.

Newlands Wicket rain……

One for the History!

SouthAfrica Vs Australia,1st Test,Newlands

The Australia Tour Of South Africa is notably one of a eye-ball turner but to the misery of everyone it was rather a shorter one and too much of people were shouting angrily about the shortened series and the players from both the teams had some disappointments regarding the shortened series . But, the teams proved how short can be exiting by playing one of the freakiest days in test cricket . “4innings played in a single day (2nd day)” this says it all isn’t it… Ok, lets see a further more shortened version of the test(may be my tribute).

Day 1 – Ponting sloppy , Pup classy , Steyn Fiery

Day 2 – Watson’s five , Proteas nose dive , Philander’s five , Aussies deeper dive , Amla and Smith thrive

Day 3 – Amla and Smith cut loose , Proteas Cruize

Day 4 – Saturday

Day 5 – Sunday

A Tale of Two Six Wickets Hauls

Yes! Lion's Roar

India vs West Indies,1st Test,Ferozshah Kotla

                                                         The Ranji Season was ON! and as usual people were joyfully ignoring it. To further suppress the Interest of Ranji Series a test Series was to be played between visiting West Indies and India . This series comes aftermath a perfect ODI series against England for India at home and this is the first series after the disastrous English Summer .Hoping to regain their Forgotten momentum , India and West Indies, after a good Bangladesh series are to cross swords. Not much of an head turner this series though Still of an international reckoning. India on the 1st day lost the toss and Windies were to bat….  India went into the match with an inexperienced bowling attack with two of the bowlers being debutants. U.Yadav and R.Ashwin making their debuts,P.Ojha making a come back , P.Kumar given rest, Z.Khan & M.Patel out due to injury…. Phew !! the bowling really was a weak one.The test which was supposed to have played 5days got over in 4 days(they got confused with the Ranji trophy?) and eventually India won . A day by day briefest rapping summary of the a rather brief match .

Day 1 – Ojha’s spin and Chander’s Ton

Day 2 – Ojha’s six pack ,Windies lose track,India starts well only to walk back

Day3 – Ashwin pockets six ,Windies panics , dravid and sachin toil to fix

Day4 – Sachin misses 100th ton,Laxman gets the job done,Ashwin the MoM on his Match No. One.