A Tale of Two Six Wickets Hauls

Yes! Lion's Roar

India vs West Indies,1st Test,Ferozshah Kotla

                                                         The Ranji Season was ON! and as usual people were joyfully ignoring it. To further suppress the Interest of Ranji Series a test Series was to be played between visiting West Indies and India . This series comes aftermath a perfect ODI series against England for India at home and this is the first series after the disastrous English Summer .Hoping to regain their Forgotten momentum , India and West Indies, after a good Bangladesh series are to cross swords. Not much of an head turner this series though Still of an international reckoning. India on the 1st day lost the toss and Windies were to bat….  India went into the match with an inexperienced bowling attack with two of the bowlers being debutants. U.Yadav and R.Ashwin making their debuts,P.Ojha making a come back , P.Kumar given rest, Z.Khan & M.Patel out due to injury…. Phew !! the bowling really was a weak one.The test which was supposed to have played 5days got over in 4 days(they got confused with the Ranji trophy?) and eventually India won . A day by day briefest rapping summary of the a rather brief match .

Day 1 – Ojha’s spin and Chander’s Ton

Day 2 – Ojha’s six pack ,Windies lose track,India starts well only to walk back

Day3 – Ashwin pockets six ,Windies panics , dravid and sachin toil to fix

Day4 – Sachin misses 100th ton,Laxman gets the job done,Ashwin the MoM on his Match No. One.



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