Really,Circus It Is

Today was the Judgement Day and all people were glued to their television sets . All people in the media and country were so focused towards the man in the top seat of the Room . The room was so tensed up, making all the oxygen in the room easily burnt . People have been waiting for this judgement for over an year now. The Fate Of many People were hanging based on this Judgement. The Auction for IPL has arrived . Wait….What?….2G….NO! NO! NO! Who cares about it.

The Auction was announced to be held today(03-Feb-2012), KTK and PWD oops..sorry! PWI were added as new additions to the IPL last season and so increasing the strength from 8 to 10 franchises and guess what? still CSK triumphed ! CSK Rocks! Whistle Podu! . Okay! Okay! coming back to the Topic , KTK Franchise was thrown out because of some misconduct or non-compliance with agreement reason and Poor Mallu fans are again forced back to support CSK. In My Opinion,This auction was actually like a garage sale where the left-overs of the previous auctions , no-where-to-go KTK players and some newbies were up for sale . The list of players who were up for the auction mostly consisted of over-ambitiously priced England ,some Windies, Few Indians and some going to be-unsolds . The Auction was going to be underway and already a storm has hit it, Yes! it was the desert storm of the Sahara India Pariwar withdrawing it’s sponsorship with Indian Team and also withdrawing it’s IPL team and the news spread like wild-fire except for those at BCCI (They sure are fire proof!). The PWD (oh! not again), sorry The PWI did not also participate in the Auction . The statement released by The Sahara Group  was one of the most touching things i have read in a while . Even, Salman Khan is asking directors down south to make a film out of it ,so that he can remake it in Hindi. Anyways,PWI (Yeh! i got it this time) not participating in the auction was not mandatory (only the time-outs are!)  and so The Auction started with the top players coming up in the 1st lot and Guess what Ravindra Jadeja who was supposed and considered  the hottest piece of Cake lived upto the expectation and the Mighty CSK crew came with plan like they usually are and grabbed Jaddu boy with both hands and he did not come easy DC and CSK emptied their purses for him and a Tie-Breaker secret bidding was done and CSK won it.I think CSK would have written “Srini Rules” in the enclosed Bid and so sealed the bid. Then so many bids came in and went, too many were left unsold and the proceedings went on and on until….

Ah! I forgot to mention , This time around Bhajji was among the MI bunch in the bidding process and gave all his inputs thoroughly. “I now know what he did this Winter ”  “Home Alone”, He was all along helping Nita Ambani raise the baton Up and Down in the bidding process. Coming back to the moment of surprise ,awe and shock!. The moment that nobody expected came up VVS Laxman was not picked by any franchisee (shock!), and in another Low-Key news in the Auction was that Vinay Kumar was picked for 1mn $. Yes, the red color shoe bowler .Yes,that scorching fast bowler. yes, yes,  you guessed the reason rite! RCB crew was seriously boozed off during that part of the bidding as they thought they were selling him for that price (Poor fellows!).Actually, there was a glitch during this particular process,Vinay Kumar was auctioned from the fast bowlers lot and i hear and read some say he was visibly upset hearing that. After the V.Kumar fiasco came sreesanth, the fiasco himself  and i must admit i was seriously afraid of the thought that he might be going for more than V.Kumar but then came the Royal Force of rajasthan and bid him at base of 400,000 $ and i immediately understood the meaning for what Ravi shastri always says “Paying a Heavy Price for the Bad….” .

Speaking of the Auction ,If PWI(eh!once again got it rite!) issued a emotional statement that almost dissolved rock solid hearts ,RR did something very much more ,they bid successfully for brad hodge,brad hogg and they might as well took VVS if not for the auctioneers fast reflexes , They now act as the foreign sanctuary for old-aged,retired,semi-retired,drop-outs . Such Noble Royals they are.  Then came the Spinners, the last lot of players to be auctioned and guess who jumped and stepped up their bidding’s ,It was the MI ably supported by Bhajji ,MI desperately wanted Sunil Narine and almost won him before letting him go after bhajji received an anonymous tweet that he is not an Indian and lest settled for Robin Peterson. While every team was bidding for players to fill in their weak spots KXIP took a different direction and filled spots for carrying Drinks and Ness wadia further upped the ante  to nullify the claim that his team lacks balance by successfully bidding for Ramesh powar to add balance to the weaker side of the platform . DD who had a terrible IPL last time up came in with a thoughtful strategy of buying foreign talents . might be to promote GMR’s international Terminal , New Delhi Airport(may be!Who knows?).DC was the most active team of the day, they competed for almost all bids and there was also this instance when rajiv shukla was called twice by the auctioneer to catch his attention and DC mistook it for a bid and raised the baton and almost bought Rajiv Shukla  . Oh ! i forgot to mention KKR,  SRK came and slapped nobody. To finish it off CSK sat on their corner enjoying their special Degree coffee with their Hindu paper all along .

The Best Highlight of this auction was that No England Players were picked by any of the IPL team and many say this was because of  their tight international schedule and some believe it was because of that 4-0 mauling they did to India, but I strongly believe the reason is “Spin and England cannot co-exist”.

P.S : By The Way – All gilli-danda , kancha, kite-flying players contact Sahara India Pariwar for sponsorship. You too might get an emotional contract.

Start-Auction-Cut-Pack Up! -|IPL Auction 2012|

scintillating Savage – “The Sehwag”

The Real "Big Hit"

08,December ,2011

It was just another day in the month of December except that it had one another match of the India Tour Of West Indies and it was a ODI match where there was no Sachin , and almost an less important match as the creme of the side was missing and some already left to the The series Down Under and definitely No one predicted what was about to come later that evening.

Aftermath of Indian GP – A Indian’s perspective

Sachin Ends It In Style .

There was a time when People of India where satisfying their pride with a Maruthi 800 ,that period changed with people started buying semi-luxury sedans and many car manufacturers started setting up their companies in India.Even that time Car was for the bosses ,elite and highly elite and suddenly Sachin Tendulkar in mid of a cricket series was invited for a Formula 1 race and Ferrari gifted him with a car and he brought it over to India and their was talk that Petrol for that car is not easily available in India . F1 the already big money churning motorsport was at that stage starting to gather  a fan following In the country and Schumacher was the only name known to everybody synonymous with F1 in India ,Ferrari is the racing team everybody knew of the Sport.Then the time came ….

Kumar Ram Narain Karthikeyan , From south of India ,the only familiar name in the Indian motorsport circuit and eventually with more success in other competitions managed to grab some F1 eyeballs and was picked up by the JordanF1 Team and that’s when Indian’s started following the sport atleast in newspapers but, it is said that “A driver can only be as Good as his car” and so Narain could not glitter among the stars of F1 for long. The Indian newspaper’s at that moment only had one another name other than schumi to put it on their F1 news.A season change was also imminent on the F1 with people other than schumi started winning the races and various other teams were competing heavily and thats where Mclaren-Mercedes ,BMW-Williams and definitely Jordan started to become familiar. Then there was a sudden silence about F1 in India possibly because of No Narain Karthikeyan,Schumi retirement, New champions,new rivalries,too many new names, new teams, new rules and whatsover. Then it happened again.

Vijay Mallya, Yet another one from South of India  The Liquor-Baron, One of the most familiar names in Indian and world Business Grabbed the Eyeballs of the world of F1 . this time by Buying a Team and further embraced it with the name Force India and nothing more can be said after that India has a F1 Team and will be in grid in every race whether the team wins or loses,nothing mattered really!. Indian followers were fast getting accustomed to the Rules, Teams.Drivers, Rivalries,etc..,. all thanks to The Man From Bangalore . India were starting to think of the reality of Hosting a F1 and it was supposed to host in 2010 and as is India’s any attempt – It failed and even then the hopes didn’t dry off and the chances of 2011 was taken seriously and it atlast the dream was about to get real and it did become real.Then the Day arrived

Oct 30th,Buddh International circuit,Noida , this was the place where almost all of India was looking upon , not only India but the World Of Motor Sports was looking upon it in excitement. One small slip in anything would have ended up tarnishing India’s Image in Sport’s(Eventough, F1 was hosted by Jaypee group) and the hungry dog’s in media would have brought down the whole of India as though millions were dead out of an epidemic.But,Indian GP made it’s Debut in style and Indian’s(who were rich enough) got to see some high speed car’s which were literally flying through those Roads.It seemed though it wasn’t India at all and we were in some other nation witnessing a spectacle.The leading Flag bearer’s of Indian Motor sport’s in N. Karthikeyan and Team newly renamed Sahara Force india made a good sailing in the race which pleased the home crowd . Sebastian Vettel(Ger) Who didn’t even broke a sweat during the race almost made it like a exhibition of fancy cars but thanks to some rash driving from F.Massa(Bra) and poor hamilton(UK) who as a result went down a few places down helped create some incidents to spice the race up. M.Webber(UK) finished 2nd and F.Alonso(ITA) 3rd finished atop the podium . A.Sutil of Sahara Force India finished 9th and N. karthikeyan finished 16th. To add some Indian style of finishing it off ,Sachin the brightest star Of Indian sporting fraternity waved the chequered flag it sign off the Indian GP in style.

India once a nation looked in awe about fancy cars which clocked some unimaginable speeds in glamourous race tracks and Indians who always had the opportunity to see those cars in T.V or in some Foreign Exhibitions were actually sitting in their own country witnessing the same glamour and speed that they once thought as a distant dream. The ferrari’s,the mercedes’es,the williams’es which were once thought as high grade cars that would not even come to India is now racing in India and that too for Indian Audiences. This event though would not bring any official recognition among nations but, indirectly has told other nations that you cannot still pretend not noticing India as a sporting power and has soundly voiced……

                  ” India is here and we will be here for long”

“Afridi Returns Part-2” |An Retirement Comedy| – Exclusive

Courtesy : Cricinfo

To start with,It was  worrying  for me that all that happening around the world of cricket is way to serious and sometimes disheartening to write about and i almost thought it is very difficult to write a slap-stick kind of post on cricket apart from being satirical over bad performances by the cricketers or the teams and thus came up this most-awaited news and the most predictable of breaking-news one could come across “Shahid Afridi Returns from Retirement“. As soon as i heard of it i was raring to write the post about it and how lame it is when some news channels put it as “Breaking-News”  but then something stopped me from doing so. It was actually a guy in twitter  As soon as Afridi announced his return tweets were flowing in from around every-where and everybody where trying to be funny with that news and he was without no-doubts trending in twitter and that aroused my eagerness and then when i went into read more about what people are tweeting about is re-return ,One guy (forgot his handle) wrote “Happy to see #afridi trending, as a fan and a proud #pakistani”. when his so-called hero was getting Left,right and center ,he is happy for him what is he nuts? Then i thought i should wait a day before writing a post ,so that i would get more chances to come across more like those and so i did and gained more inspiration to write about it. So, Here it goes

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, the always vibrant,enthusiastic,wicket-taking,wicket giving cricketer  fondly called “Boom Boom” for whatsoever the non-existent reason ,he like any other Pakistan cricketers and Indian Heroines is ageless . He was given the captain duties of Pakistan and he did it to his best until misbah played a geoff Boycott like gentlemanly Innings in the semi’s against India in CWC 2011. Pakistan already facing all the kind of troubles a cricketing country can really  have with their players crossing the boundaries (I seriously meant No-balls )even in cricket knowingly! there was also heavy competition among them regarding the most jokes written about them. Kamran was cruising like a skier on a glacier with his “Kamran slippery hands” Antics, then out of nowhere Ijaz butt (Ex-PCB chief) was leading the race with his cannot even explainable management antics, Then thought Afridi who actually thought of winning this cold-war by announcing his retirement but Ijaz Butt was too hard to defeat . So, he planned it all out he found the way to gain success and that is “Perseverance“. Whilst Dhoni being denied of a rest Afridi took the rest with a different statement “Retirement” and he took a holiday to Pakistan(Yes,Believe me! ) and met some old friends had nice kebabs in local joints and suddenly Shoiab Akthar wrote a Book and it started doing the rounds and mentioning Shahid Afridi in it as the sole witness of Sachin’s trembling Legs and thus giving Afridi an oppurtunity out of no-where to beat the PCB chief in their competition, afridi jokes started hitting everywhere and Mr.Boom Boom was still maintaining the silence and when the jokes started to dry up and the court hearing of the tainted trio came up , Afridi started getting ready to heat up and blow away the competition and perfectly executed his plan He announced in Style “I Am Back” and his well laid plan was a success . Wherever people live now-a days Facebook,twitter,orkut(does it exist?), google+(i heard it is in minus),”thank good no more Google buzz”,etc..,… got the news and serious posts and tweets and everything were ringing and high profile cricket analysts were texting, tweeting as though there was no tomorrow and yes, he’s done it!,he has achieved it!,he is the new champ! , he is the most joked about person not only in Pakistan but the cricketing world . There were too many jokes one could share and everything was one better than the other. Afridi and Pakistan Cricket you are the best in bringing about one’s talent in humor. A great Salute for that!

BTW -Hearing the news West Indies cricket team in Bangladesh could not control their anxiety to write Afridi jokes and got bowled out for just 61 and Thus the whole Bangladesh Nation is also greatly indebted to the indomitable king of Retirement and return from retirement and Re-Retirement and Re-Return From Re-Retirement and what more to come  Mr. Shahid Afridi.

P.S : While others are making jokes on him Punter’s are busy making good money on betting on his retirement . These people are already betting on his next re-re-retirement .

The Sportsman Who Redefined Standards,Skills,Sportsmanship And Commitment – “Ode On An Gracious Run”

Simply Outstanding!

It was the time in Indian cricket after the 1996 Wills World cup where India which was considered a power house was humiliated by the eventual champs The Lankans , The team was heavily hammered by the media and it’s people for the dubious exit and India was in dire need of young blood to accompany the already star of Indian batting  Sachin and came the tour of India to England,like they say “cometh the hour cometh the man” the first test was played at Lord’s and two of the most incredible talent the world was yet to witness stepped in and stepped up their game day 1. The southpaw scored his century on debut and the other missed the triple figure by a whisker and went to make that missed attempt a bad luck for the ground, rather for him.He is the one who entered the team as “Jammy” and ended “The Wall” – Rahul Dravid.

I very slenderly remember that Lord’s test which Sourav and Dravid debuted as i was just into cricket following after the 1996 CWC and had very little respect for the 5day game and i couldn’t even spell those two names properly which later on became the widely spelt names of the World of Cricket. When Dravid entered the International scene, he was regarded as just another technically sound and hugely a Test match Cricketer who could keep the bowlers at bay with his sound defense and these strong points of Dravid was the barricades preventing him a entry to the One-day side .Dravid did not alter his game ,but as they say ” perseverance pays”  and it did for Rahul as their was a big gap in the Indian middle order and the only batsmen who could fill up the spot after Sachin-Sourav  pair was Dravid and the type of performances he exhibited was uncomparable to anybody in the past .  The most crtical and most prestigious position in one-dayer’s was handed over to the most deserved of the batsmen India had and later on became the benchmark for all other’s irrespective the color of jersey’s to follow suit.

The day Dravid set foot on the One-day scenario there were too many critics who were ready to write him off but all they got was dust in their mouth and again as they say “everything that came after is history”. Dravid became the Epitome of Indian Cricket along with Sachin and Sourav formed the Terrific Trio and the world’s most feared 1-2-3 and India was still struggling with the lower middle order and always needed an extra batsmen to save them and guess who stepped in “Rahul Dravid” . Puzzled? Yes, he donned the wicket keeping gloves regarded the toughest job for a batsmen but who else than Dravid can accept that kind of challenge and guess what! India Reached the CWC 2003 Finals only to be stopped by the Aussies in the finals .

Further to embarrass the critics he played some beautiful innings at No.3 and especially the innings against Srilanka in CWC ’99 with Sourav and his 153 against NewZealand with Sachin were still etching up in my memory  and these innings of his explained to the world that supporting an fluent batsmen from other end is such an important job and one can reap success out of it and he has done it time and again. He was never considered the most feared batsmen but the most respected batsmen and put up a huge price on his wicket and breaching his barrier and having him bowled was like a dream for any bowler and thus earning his title “The Wall” . There has been many batsmen who had purple patches and green patches but he was a batsmen who was consistent ever through out his career and his career could not be dissected into any patches.

Their have been people who lived a short span of glory and their has also been other who are living long years of glory but Dravid have never been those people but an unsung hero who cannot be ever written off and was not often glorified . But, speaking of the truth he is the one who has re written standards for glorification and one to be glorified Hero. Whatever the situation ,whatever the condition,whoever the opposition ,whichever the task there is one man ready for it all and forever he will be hailed

“The Wall”

Who Is The Real Indian Cricket Fan?

Carrying On His Head

There are reasons I chose to write this topic

–> India Loses Series in England

–> India Loses World No.1 Ranking

So, who’s the real Indian cricket Fan?

Ans. May be the one who sit’s atop the BCCI ,May be the one who follows cricket in the net from work, may the one who is unemployed and taking a more serious note of Indian cricket rather his own life, may be the one who sit’s on the commentator’s box wearing a gentlemen suit,may be the one who sits in the pavilion waiting for his place, may be the one who could not prove his worth in the field,may be the one who is being blamed at this time for it’s defeat , may be……… and it goes on & on & on… and again poses the question

so who is it?

He is the one who still reminisces the nightmare six miandad hit off the poor chetan sharma,He is the one who cried along with vinod kambli in 1996, he is the one who got frustrated off the mahanama & jayasuriya’s mammoth partnership  , he is the one who hid under his bed-sheet hoping for the impossible when the mighty sachin clobbered the aussies in sharjah to make it possible , he is the one who even after the match-fixing scam which rocked the foundation of the game itself still believed in it’s spirit,  he is the one who had tears flowing down his cheeks when Henry olonga pulled off a upset in CWC 1999 , he is the one who rejoiced and savors the memory of sourav’s and dravid’s mighty innings in the same CWC,he is the one who witnessed Live the sachin 100 against his Back injury and against the Pakistani’s who eventually won the match and was part of the most famous Chennai crowd which cheered their firece rival’s , he is the one who celebrated like crazy when kumble took a 10 for against the fiercest rival’s,he is the one bunked his school to watch the previlaged VVS innings against the then mighty Aussies to pull off the most impossible victory, he is the one who rejoiced on the occasion when Bhajji struck the last blow to nail India’s series triumph against the then World champions,he is the one who was praying for sachin for his cure of tennis elbow,he is the one who could not forget the natwest final when Dada was going crazy from the lord’s balcony,he is the one who had the unimaginable pleasure when sehwag clobbered the pakistani’s to become the Nawab of Multan, he is the one who idolized Dravid for the type of commitment exhibited by donning the keeping gloves for the county’s sake,he is the one who still lingers on the surge which India took to reach the finals of the CWC 2003 , he is the one who still have nightmares of the frenzied hitting Ponting exhibited which actually ripped the heart of 1 billion Indian’s in the Finals of the CWC 2003, he is the one who still curses Guru Greg for the turmoil caused by him on Indian cricket,he is the one who was jumping crazy over the crazy ,ruthless and dare devilish innings of Lion maned MSD , he is the one who held his head high when India chased successfully continuously for about 16 games,he is the one who abandoned his Tv’s ,Newspapers and everything after the bizarre exit of India from the 2007 CWC , he is the one who woke up all his neighbors screaming in the midst of the night when Broad was creamed by Yuvi for Six sixes , he is the one who lifted a friend of nearly 150 pounds when misbah ill-scooped joginder only for sreesanth to have a moment of a life time, he is the one who spent countless days watching IPL only for the timeless entertainment it gave, he is the one who was exhibiting mountable trust on the the resurgent Indian Side under the leadership of MSD,he is the one who witnessed Live the ruthless 300 sehwag his second scored against poor S.A in Chennai, he is the one who froze for a moment forgetting how to appreciate or celebrate the first ever 200 in ODI by Sachin , he is the one who like billions of Indian hearts beating for India to hold the World cup , he is the one who frantically enjoyed the downfall of Aussies on the hands of the eventual champs,he is the one who had sleepless nights before the semis against the historical rival’s,he is the one who could not even think of yet another CWC 2003 against the Lankan’s, he is the one who still did not lose heart when Sehwag and Sachin exited early, he is the one who hugged whoever in sight for a reason of the lifetime on the night when India under MSD attained eternal glory, he is the one who along with millions was exhausted of the too much cricket but still watched the IPL throughout, he is the one who even watched the depleted Indian side battling against the hopeless Windies, he is the one who at this moment is in unimaginable shock of India losing the series to England straight and losing it’s No.1 crown after a good amount of time ,apart from all these………….

he is the one who still believes India would salvage some pride from the last test and would upstage a miraculous comeback in the ODI’s to come and finally coming to the answer of this post “IT IS ME” .

I still believe in the team i have believed right from the day i knew of the game . I give no ear’s to the men who sit in an air conditioned room and does the job of a critic for money,

i give no ear’s to former greats who fear of getting forgotten, i give no ear’s to any new’s channel which exaggerates both the high’s and low’s , I only give my ear’s to the Hearts which beats


All those heart’s which beat like mine are “TRULY THE REAL INDIAN CRICKET FAN“.

Come On let’s stand behind our men who are now Down but definitely not out! and lets together cheer “India …..India…India….India….India…..”

IPL – The Aftermath

               The Tournament which is touted as the major reason for the decreasing viwership for 50 over format and would have been the foremost reason if CWC 2011 would have failed (Thanks to Indai winning it ) interestingly ,was at the receiving end this time around .The very recently concluded IPL -IV were missing some elements right at the start of the season which most of the so called experts missed out rather emphasising on cricket over kill,quality,no.of teams,blah,blah,etc..,.  the major elements that IPL-IV lacked were

                i) The most unique feature about  IPL is  that , it is the only  tournament bringing in players from all around world together in a single tournament other than World Cup and as it followed CWC the uniquness is lost right at the start.

               ii)Then, IPL – IV lost  its sheen because of it is the first season were the profit calculations were almost overe even before a ball was bowled. so, the surprises in the commercial aspects were almost dried up.

               iii)USP’s of all the seasons

                              IPL-I    – India world T20 champs ,A venture which was the first of it’s kind (officially!!) ,shane warne & Rajasthan

                              IPL-II   – First Indian premier league in a foreign country (IPL in SA)

                              IPL-III – Back in India , parties ,bollywood,politics,Lalit modi,always in the news,conspiracies,scams………..and going on

                              IP-IV – India world 50 over champs,Two New teams, Lot of Player changes, n no. of matches, less close encounters, Malinga’s toe crushers, Gayle fireworks,Dhoni Wins.

         Further, we cannot say IPL-IV was a failure  certainly not. we can simply say it does not meet upto the expectations of the previous seasons. Further on this IPL was viewed by some people who according to me cannot be called as sports followers as though the matches are rigged or fixed. i have a question to ask them

“Can you explain  the emotions of those owners who are filthy rich but still sitting along the side lines in scorching heat and supporting their teams without considering their image (only a few of them are actors.)?”

This IPL also had controversies , but all sorrounding the outgoing Shane warne and all about the pitch and N. Srinivasan and his csk side which eventually won the trophy (retained to be specific!) . But one thing stays for sure –  the emotions of people always stays with their city or region to which they belong and they do not least care  about the venture which is largely Private and IPL in no time will reach high standards with each team already spend a whole lot on coaches and support staff and by in return the already proven result –


IPL this time glittered lightly. But Still,  it is an eternal star on it’s ascent . lets travel with it…………

Cup of Joy,Pride,Dreams,and Everything

Are you ready ?

Here i start again .. And i hope it continues.

The televisions have started telecasting the 1983 world cup time and again.The past world cup heroes have increased their air-time fees and the marketing hawks are busy catching air-time slots and big brands are busy preparing new Ads to promote their brands and what more, the news channels as usual ,are boasting as though India has already won the cup. You may be wondering why all this hooplah around a tournament which is played by just 12 countries and is boasted as a world cup . If this same question pop up’s in your mind , i say “GET OUT” . This is India,this is cricket, this is world cup and this is what happens,happened and will happen again again and again and yet again. These are times when the adrenalin shoots up and the temperatures hits the roof .Million minds think alike and even a scam as big as 2G cannot divert those million minds. Three more days to go and already the build up is as huge as it can be .Let’s join the crowd ,increase the sound of that roar,let’s all hope that cup stays here in our home, let’s all celebrate these upcoming days of cricket and welcome it with pure jubilation and pure cricketing spirit……

Let’s hear it one more time and continue to do it again and again .Let’s Roar….. “INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA”

Rumour has it – Warne to return

Less tweets more Runs

The Funny Side

After Aussies miserable loss in the Adelaide test the media is pouncing on the Aussies like a wild tiger and there are several interesting headlines doing the rounds such as
“there are two teams and one is playing cricket and miserably it is England”
“Shane warne to lead the Aussies to retain Ashes” and interestingly Warne replied to this headline “Thanks!,but NO”
so, i thought i should suggest an idea to Cricket Australia(CA) and i came up with one.
I suggest CA to participate in the IPL auction and buy players to their squad so, that they would not lose pride of losing the ashes. To participate in the auction they should get permission from ICC and plead BCCI to pre-pone the Auction so, that they can use the players in time for their Ashes campaign .
One thing is for sure ,the competition to bid for Aussie players in the auction pool would not be hot as even CA would not bid for them for sure.

Sorry, the headline of the Post is just to grab your attention