Aussies Fail as England Dominates proceedings

Pictures say it all!

3rd test,Australia Vs England,Perth,Day1

To begin with, I am really puzzled about the match proceedings. I sort of doubt that my cable operator is showing the Adelaide match instead of a live telecast until Aussies crossed that 245 run mark they made in the last match. The story was as similar as it can be . Only difference is the minor shuffle in the batting order of the Aussies but with no effect as Hussey and Haddin again had a good innings to save the innings.

Soon after the lunch Tremlett came and removed Smith who was actually struggling then came the same old partners together Huss & Haddin ,Both restored some pride but how much more can they do possibly?.Then Swann made hussey nick one to prior and was removed with the help of UDRS,Then came johnson who dominated the English bowlers and embarrassed the top order Aussie batsmen by scoring a 50 and incidentally he turned out to be the top scorer of the innings with 62 runs mitch and haddin had a brief partnership which helped the Oz cross the 200 mark and haddin left as Anderson came back strong ,Harris came and went at keast this time he is out not for a duck then siddle had a partnership with Hilfenhaus to frustrate the English but it was short lived as hilffy was removed by Swann forcing him a shot towards short forward. siddle was the lonely batsmen and Australia are yet again bundled out in the first day of a test match for the second consecutive time that too in the ashes the Aussie innings ended @ 268 runs and England are out their batting.

A not so gripping first day is over with England end ‘s the day @ 29/0 and all the Aussie bowlers had a couple of overs and they are back to their hotel rooms hoping to do what England did to them today.

Ashes Urn is slowly but surely slipping from the Aussie hands

Another Oz mishap – Hussey is needed again

Flying high!

3rd test,Australia Vs England,Perth,Day1

Today, The Aussies are having a day where Ponting had nothing to go his way. As i expected Beer was not selected in the playing XI and Aussies are now being criticized for dropping Beer . The Aussies have made huge amount of changes as it seems to me like seeing a new Aussie team.Huges replacing katich,Mitch replacing bolinger,hilfenhaus in place of doherty,smith in for north. Meanwhile,England had just one change of Tremlett in for injured Broad. Even though Aussie’s have a nearly new team but kinda of repeated the Adelaide freakishness here as well.

Today,Ponting lost the toss and was asked to bat in a placid seaming wicket ,Ponting surprisingly accepted that he would also be bowling. Then came Tremlett and Anderson to start their spell and immediately spelt trouble as Hughes who was making a comeback actually soon wentback with the scoreline being 2/1 ,Ponting then came and went without much of a challenge, Clarke followed soon with yet another first innings failure,Watson ass i expected could not score a fifty this time around.Now, Hussey and Smith are trying to save some pride with the score @ 65/4 @ lunch.

About the English bowlers, Tremlett sizzled cleaning up hughes and made Clarke to nick one to the keeper and a due credit has to be given to collingwood for taking one stunner of a catch when ponting nicked one towards the slips of Anderson. Then Finn joined the party with an superb delivery getting watson’s toe in front ,Watson made an referral thinking UDRS would save him again. but finn was too good to hit him exactly in line. The game in Oz point of view is in a sorry state of affairs and in Barmy Army’s view “Just Great”.

WACA …WACA…. doing the rounds as Ashes heads to 3rd Test

It's Ready to handle the heat

Thursday is going to be one hell of a day for cricket fans around the world. First there is The Ashes where World No.3 & No.4 would battle for pride and history and then world No.1 & No.2 would battle for supremacy.OK,lets get down to ashes first.The WACA ,Perth is going to play host for the most crucial third test that too after the Aussies going down 1-0 in the series after the Adelaide debacle. The Perth has gained tremendous expectations all because of the problems in selection and many see this test would ultimately seal the fate of the series and the main reason above all is the craziness revolving around the selection committee and the further more craziness courtesy selection of the rookie spinner . Lets , get down to the bottom of the test now

This test for some reason does not seem one-sided (at least for me!), even though England made the Aussies eat dust the last match with an innings victory the match is still poised because the Aussies are struggling because of two spinners, one they don’t have and another the English have and Perth gives you a seaming wicket were the spinners would be required to turn their finger’s or arm’s or wrist’s to an angle of 360 degree if they want to get some purchase of that thing called pitch. So, the point is the much criticized and much spoke about selection of Beer would all be gone for waste as he poses a minimal chance of playing the test except as a substitute. Mitch and hilfenhaus are in serious contention it seems and the Aussies would be stacking up their depleted bowling attack with 4 seamer’s and for sure Ponting would already be ready and started inquiring about the fine amount for slow over rate Harris would be the fourth bowler along with Siddle and in the part of England the bowling department would not be shuffled at all as Anderson is also back after the birth of his second child . Graeme Swann will definitely be in the scheme of things for the English whether it is Perth or even the highways, Swann has increased his reputation and so as a major strile bowler for the English.

The batting of both the teams would not be that shuffled except for Phil hughes replacing the injured Katich. Let’s see what Phil can do ,watson the other solid batsmen would go on to hit another 50 and not more than that , Ponting if he isn’t the skipper he definitely would not be in the squad,clarke showed some class in his lat innings which went in vein, Huss is the Wizard of Oz saving them,Haddin is their only option and he looks good both behind and beyonf the stumps.

The England batting is in it’s ripest form with all the top 4 batsmen scoring centuries in the last two matches , clooingwood and bell have some ground to cover and prior showed promise in the practice match and their not much of a problem we see here as there are players who can play the pull shot @ will which would be needed for handling the short ones which would be delivereed @ will .

Lets Hope”Barmy Army and Oz fans and cricket lover’s around the world get the real taste of The Ashes ”

Is Beer worthy to be in Ashes?

187 cms and not wickets...

While the news of Shane Warne’s much anticipated and supported comeback to the Aussie side for the ashes . The selection of Michael Beer has silently overtaken the news corner undermining Warne’s comeback.Many ask me” what’s the surprise factor in it” . The surprise factor is that it is Australia, which gave Haydos,Huss,Gilchrist,and many other great players their opportunity in only their 30’s and Australian selection is always known for its iron hands and people say in reply”Warner made his debut without even playing a single first class match “. But Warner mad his debut in a T20 match and still yet to play a test match.

The reasons for the raising eyebrows on Beer’s selection is that
He has just played only 5 first class matches and just now being considered as a regular in his first class side
Ashes is no series for any kind of testing the bench strength or can be considered a series for dress rehearsal for the world cup
The next test is being played in Perth and not a perfect start for any spinner in the world.(even Warne would struggle!)
Hauritz is surely better experienced and a proven spinner to be included in the ashes rather than Beer.
Height a criteria for a spinner?
Last of all, Is he really considered for a place in the world cup

If Beer starts in the Perth test ,he would accompany doherty as the second spinner for the Aussies to make a debut this series . This selection of Beer surely exposes the poor condition of Spin in Australia after Warne hung his boots and as all of you know, the “world cup” is played in the sub-continent and spinners would have the final say in the spinner friendly conditions in India, Srilanka & Bangladesh.

Beer after getting selected in the 12 man squad .Now, will get 100,000 $ for the match and as per the Aussie contract will get 210,000 $.
That’s one rich Bloke

Australia takes Beer to boost ashes morale

want to take a Sip?

The Ashes series down under is really taking it’s toll on the Oz selectors as they are loading and unloading too many players on and off the series. Aussies who are famous for its policy of shuffling players to give them rest and time to rejuvenate but this time around they are not doing for the stated reason . The Aussies famous for it’s strong bench strength is now struggling for players inside the playing XI as the bench strength is exhausted by big retirements that happened all together regretfully for the Aussies. The Aussies are still yet to find a spinner for the world cup and the latest entity in the spinners area is the very very very very less known Michael beer who made his first class debut just two months ago. North,Doherty,Bollinger have all been shown the doors and Aussies are facing a biggest of problems lacking a genuine spearhead and a quality spinner. but one doubt on my part is why upcoming bowlers and future prospects for Aussies such as johnson,bollinger & hilfenhaus have been dropped for a test in Perth. come on! somebody remind the selectors they are playing in Perth and there is no other ground in the world a fast bowler can regain his confidence.
The Aussies are breaking up into pieces and much to the worry, shane warne ! eventhough how much big he is and expectation and capacity as a player and a skipper ,one must remember one thing. He is out of action for quite a long and Ashes is not another amateur series such as IPL and further “he has developed one big beer belly”

Michael Beer or Beer belly warne . media has always had the upper hand when it come to ashes. lets see

List of Players coming out of Retirement to save The Ashes for Australia

[The Funny Side]

The Aussies Debacle in the Ashes have created a crazy wave down under for bringing back Warne from retirement to save the Ashes and further, to make him the captain of the team. In my mind i also have some players to make a comeback and one surprise inclusion to save the Ashes.
The list other than warne starts with
1. Mathew Hayden – he will definitely make a comeback if anybody wanted and no need of any funds as he will carry his mongoose bat to the crease and sponsorship is enough for him.

2. Another Opener in Michael Artherton – do not be surprised i know he is a former English Captain but still if he returns from retirement and makes into the England team the Aussies have one batsmen less to worry about.

3.Merv Hughes – A much needed bowler for the Oz but the reason he has to come out of Retirement is sledging . Nobody in the present Oz team has the teeth except that Ponting is trying to .

4.A.Symond – how can we forget him ! he was banned but still Aussies can give him a reprieve not only for his all round skills but also he will take all the pouncing from the media and help keep others safe from the merciless media.

5.Fred Flintoff – Really! Yes,our Freddy if he comes out of retirement for the English and makes it into the team then for sure he will get injured and catch the next flight home and can surely create headaches for the England selectors

6.Sir.G.Boycott – yes, our Geoff! if he leaves the commentator box and take the bat in his hands for the English .he will bat for all 5 days and will mark a draw and help the Aussies save some pride from losing the other tests too.

7. Then, G.McGrath – He will surely fill in the boots of spearhead bowler ,but he wont field and would only wear a pink jersey rather than the traditional white one.he would come for the funds and help the Aussies.

8. Lastly,The Surprise Package,A west-Indian? & BCCI? Here It is.
Steve Bucknor & BCCI – Whatever the Aussie bowlers appeal for viciously, Bucknor will give them @ will . Yes, he is also required to come out of retirement to save the Aussies and CA has to request BCCI to take over the series . Bucknor sure can give you a LBW of a wide ball without even the bowler appealing but UDRS would leave him standing red naked .So, if BCCI takes control it will not allow UDRS and Bucknor can give his decisions @ will and nobody could do anything about it. If Darell Hair is in the other side officiating Swann would be termed a chucker and English would exit the series with disgust.

So, what do you think and who are all others who deserve to come out of retirement….

Where the hell is Ashes Heading


After the first two tests and the dismal performance from the Aussies the Oz media is not at all kind enough to their home side and the poorest and greatest minus point of the series is the dropping of Mitchel johnson because of the media pressure and letting a sure shot probable for the world cup is a blind blunder in the part of the Aussies there by blunting his confidence and this decision comes after only one match of dismal performance when they have a huge problem of not having a good spinner for the world cup . In my perspective, even Hauritz should not have been dropped in the first place as this is not the time for CA to shuffle players as the World cup is nearing and Ashes would have given Hauritz the much needed experience to be in the list of World cup.
It’s Simple ” Trust the Devil you know, rather than a Devil you Do not Know”.
From this series one thing is for sure the Aussies are not planning on for a fourth consecutive Cup glory . England on the other hand enjoys the support from the media of both the countries and are doing their team selection based on their board’s panel of experts and not on media panel experts as the Oz do. Australia,i do not see them winning a single match in the series unless miraculously some player single handedly rises to the occasion.

Rumour has it – Warne to return

Less tweets more Runs

The Funny Side

After Aussies miserable loss in the Adelaide test the media is pouncing on the Aussies like a wild tiger and there are several interesting headlines doing the rounds such as
“there are two teams and one is playing cricket and miserably it is England”
“Shane warne to lead the Aussies to retain Ashes” and interestingly Warne replied to this headline “Thanks!,but NO”
so, i thought i should suggest an idea to Cricket Australia(CA) and i came up with one.
I suggest CA to participate in the IPL auction and buy players to their squad so, that they would not lose pride of losing the ashes. To participate in the auction they should get permission from ICC and plead BCCI to pre-pone the Auction so, that they can use the players in time for their Ashes campaign .
One thing is for sure ,the competition to bid for Aussie players in the auction pool would not be hot as even CA would not bid for them for sure.

Sorry, the headline of the Post is just to grab your attention

Let’s Analyze – Ashes – 2nd Test – England Vs Australia

Aftermath of 1st Test:
After the 1st test @ Gabba ,brisbane the series started to a not so hard fought draw with both sides shining with the bat and failing miserably with the ball especially the Aussies bowling line up was under much scrutiny for their poor show in the 2nd innings of England where they got only one wicket that too of Andrew strauss after he crossed his well deserved 100,and Cook went onto score a double ton and trott joining the party with a well made century . Even ,Siddle the hero of the first innings with a hat-trick did not do justice to his skills and the biggest let down for Australia is the left arm fast bowler and bowling spearhead Mitchell johnson and the ever dangerous Aussie media did not spare him and Ponting for the dismal display by the Oz and what everybody forgot was the dismal batting of the English and if not for Hussey and Haddin, the 1st test would have been a nail biting contest and the second inning play off.

The 2nd test ,Adelaide started with series tied @ 0-0 but with the Aussies slightly in the back foot as Mitchell johnson was dropped for the very first time (that too in the middle of the Ashes).Aussies entered the match with a fresh bowling line up and none to spearhead the attack. The most vital toss was won by England and was asked to bat first and came the unexpected freaky start from the Aussie’s with Ponting and katich going for ducks in consecutive deliveries and clarke fell immediately with the score card reading 2/3 and watson who with his yet another fifty of the series and hussey in his usual role of savior, restored some pride but they could not hold for long and haddin came for the rescue but he could not hold on it for long as Aussie’s were bundled out for 260 with Anderson and finn producing magical spells at various parts of the match. The seem bowlers troubled the batsmen for most parts of the innings as they swung the ball both ways and @ a pitch touted as a batting paradise the Aussie’s failed miserably.

The 2nd day started for Aussies rather well with Bollinger striking early sending back Strauss early in the day. Then came Trott and along with Cook (the heroes of the previous match) struck to an another massive partnership leaving Aussies to the docks. Both made hundreds once again and the day completely belonged to the English as Barmy Army were rising their voices to rejoice their dominance Trott later fell for harris and then came Kevin peiterson who was in pressure to perform to his potential and he continued the partnership with Cook and the Oz bowlers were literally hunting for leather in a day were only two wickets fell that too at different periods of time. On this day the English showed the Aussies their was no demons in the wicket and Adelaide was still a good batting wicket.

The 3rd day had nothing special for Aussies but everything on that day was special for one man “Kevin peiterson”.The Partnership between Cook and Kp continued and to everyone’s delight Kp scored his 1st century in nearly 18 months and he was rejoicing the moment thoroughly and soon Cook departed , then Kp partnered with Collingwood and Bell both providing good stands and produced reasonable scores and Kp produced a double ton and Barmy Army went haywire with celebrations and he totally deserved the double ton and that was one flamboyant innings from Kp and this innings would silence all his critics for quiet sometime.The day finished courtesy bad light and rain and Kp still @ crease and England showing no intentions of Declaring the innings.

Day 4:
The penultimate day was as expected, England came with an motive to boost the lead rapidly and declare the innings as soon as possible and Kp departed and further more runs were added and the crowd and experts were expecting the call from Strauss for declaration as the match is in the 4th day and the rain clouds seems to play spoil sport but for unknown reasons the decision was prolonged and immediately everybody pounced on Strauss for unnecessarily extending the innings then at last England declared their innings Then came the Aussies and they had a decent start this time around with Katich ans Watson steadying the innings and left for lunch and as soon as they came back from lunch katich was shown the doors and Ponting gone with the wind but this time around having a number against his name then their was panic again in the Oz dressing room when watson exited after scoring one more fifty but Clarke who was out of form for quite a long time was fluent this time around and he along with hussey provided solidarity to the Aussie innings and weather also helped them in their efforts to save the match and Strauss was in an difficult position as if weather plays spoil sport ,he would be the one facing the music and ire of the media but much to his delight play resumed and the partnership continued . But , the penultimate over of the match literally sealed the fate of the match and KP who glittered with his bat banished the Aussie hopes with the ball by removing Clarke of what became the final ball of the day and he was clearly ecstatic. Swann was the pick of the bowlers this time The Aussies finished yet another day facing down the barrel and now resting all their hopes only upon the weather and nothing else.

The final day of the test and definitely a day of real test for Aussies to stay alive in the series and to keep their hopes alive of avoiding a Ashes defeat in home. For England, this was a day of reckoning to keep their spirits high and to lead the series 1-0 to avenge their ashes whitewash downunder. As they say “Cometh the hour Cometh the man” Anderson stepped up removing two quick wickets breaking the shackles of the remaining resistance and the inevitable happened to the delight of every English cricket fan ,England now leads the series 1-0 ,Swann cleaned up the tail and by bowling out Siddle Swann Finished with a 5fer and Aussie’s would have a tough time with the Oz media and who knows who might be left out of the next match . The rain which was supposed to save the Aussies also betrayed them by coming late after the match is over

There is a long time for Aussies to come out of the Adelaide debacle as the next test begins only on 16th of December and that too @ Aussies favorite hunting ground ,the Perth .

That’s it Aussies Bundled out, Eng leads 1-0

Way Too many Worries

2nd test,Australia Vs England,Adelaide,Day5

The final day,The day that was touted to be a thrilling day and it turned out to be a damp squib as England pulled the heart out of the Australian batting and it was formalities as Oz was bundled out for 304 thanks to England’s new Star Graeme Swann who took a 5fer .

Yesterday, when Clarke was gone, very few thought the Aussie’s had a chance in the test and those hopes were diminished early this morning as they were leaking wickets @ frequent intervals .Nobody provided any kind of resistance as Huss left after scoring his 2nd fifty of the match,North ,haddin,and others came and went with Anderson’s spell taking two from two balls with Harris becoming the only 2nd Australian ever to bag a King’s Pair and after that the tail had no genuine batsman to bat with and Swann came and cleaned up the tail and with the last wicket of siddle ,he claimed his first 5 fer of the series and England took the initial lead of the series 1-0 with 3 more tests to go.

Barmy Army will be throwing party’s all over Adelaide