The Adelaide axiom – The Ashes- Mitch is Ditched

The tame draw @ Gabba in the first ashes test had mighty effects on the Aussies rather than the English. While the English media was all praises for strauss and cook with slight bashing on swann the Oz media was not as kind as their English counterparts to their team as it went berserk on the Oz cricket team with Ponting,Clarke and poor Mitch taking much of the critcism .even coach Nelson who came to the rescue of Mitch was not barred with excess pressure from the media Johnson,now will not be part of the Oz team in the 2nd test.

The Adelaide test is expected to be another interesting test as it will possibly determine the momentum of the series. It seems bollinger would get a look in tomorrow and the criticism on swann would add burden to the English to carry in Adelaide.Adelaide Oval touted the most batsmen friendly wicket down under has high possibilities of producing yet another draw except if any exceptional bowling performance is exhibited and make the series a 3 match not forget In the center of criticism in Oz there is also The ‘PUP’ M.Clarke who is going through a lean patch and as hussey did in Gabba, Clarke cannot find a suitable Venue to come back to form than the Adelaide Oval . I cannot wait for the start of the match and expecting a cliff hanger of a test
Let’s Hope”This match would help increase the swing of the pendulum of the series “.