Where is NewZealand Cricket heading towards.

Bad Hair season(day) for Vettori

Newzealand has just finished it’s series against India and does not have any fond memories to bring back home. The whole season has been very much disappointing for the kiwis as they could not bring back home a single victory back home including the Bangladesh series . The worst news for the kiwis is that ,looking back @ the stats they have lost 10 consecutive matches and all in the sub-continent and no prizes for guesses as the world cup is going to be played in the Sub-Continent and the distinctly different selection committee of the kiwis which includes The coach and the Captain of the the team as prominent members and sometimes on away tours the vice-captain also has a vote in the selection . The selection worries for the kiwis is adding up pressure on vettori’s captaincy and it also shows on his performance this series where he took just 2 wickets in four matches and scored just 80 runs of that many matches.
The Kiwis with the exception of J.Franklin could not show any character in the series and also does not look fit enough for the world cup squad. Especially Ross Taylor, what happened to the extravagant stroke maker in him? no body could understand.

Definitely, New Zealand does not seem as the unit to look out for in the upcoming world cup . Practically speaking, They are now less favored than Bangladesh in the world cup tournment.

The bottom line is “The cricket in any part down under does not seem good”

Yet Another White wash for Black caps

Going... going ...Gone!

Chennai,5th ODI ,India Vs New Zealand

First of all i am disgusted . I live in Chennai and because of work i could not see the match in the stadium and courtesy Newzealand I even missed the Live match in Television . The match was already over even before i started from office. me and my fellow colleagues were shell shocked as we were witnessing the fall of the wickets of the kiwis like 9 pins. Ok, lets get down to the game now.

The Kiwi’s at least won the toss! today and that’s all they can manage out of this series .The match was usual like the other matches of the series new zealand came into bat lost some early wickets and this time they lost pretty early and this time around their was no resistance to follow and kiwi batsmen were not walking but were running back to the pavilion as fast as they can and Franklin was their this time too but even he cannot save the kiwis from the ruins.the fell like nine pins with spinners in ashwin yuvi,& yusuf bagged 7 wickets between them with ashwin finishing with his career best figures of 3/24 in his home ground.This time around Kiwis can be so sure that nobody from men in blue would go on to hit a century.

Then came India to bat and Gambhir who had an memorable tournament as captain and as batsmen with two tons finished the series witha first over duck and another success story of the series Kohli fell cheaply with Parthiv and yuvi were taking the responsibility of taking India home to their whitewash on the black caps.Parthiv scored his second consecutive half century of the series in that many matches.

I dont even want to think how Vettori is feeling right now.
Let them atleast perform @ par with the Pakistanis.
Actually, 5-0 scoreline reminds me of a Manchester United match

El Clasico – Is it so?

Not Solely Responsible.

Nov 30, Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, La Liga
El clasico! that is what it is called the La liga match between the arch rivals Barcelona Vs Real madrid every season, but i doubt it after seeing this match.Touted the most anticipated match of the La liga season as both the teams were at a near deadlock for the top spot. But, i did not live upto it’s expectation. Real Madrid with all it’s international superstars and Barca with all it’s Spanish super stars the match line up seemed closely like world Vs Spain. The very start of the match was the start of all that is going to follow. The first goal was scored with the clock just @ 9 min’s by Xavi and thats it barca was the superior side throughout the match with the score line @ half time being 2:0 with Real seemed like getting in the groove but in the later half the Barcelona steam rolled their rivals scoring another three and finished the match with the score line @ 5:0. the match was not that a dead rubber as the score line suggests the match was painted yellow with an astounding collection of 11 yellow cards with joint effort by both the teams and like rubbing salt in wound Sergio Ramos was sent of in the finishing minute of the match.The celebrated C.Ronaldo could do nothing but dribble the ball. The other celebrated star Messi was firce in attack as he broke the defence of Real many a times. Mourinho stated in his statement that it was the worst defeat of his career
Now,”Barcelona leads the Standings and looking good for one more successive La Liga title”