“Afridi Returns Part-2” |An Retirement Comedy| – Exclusive

Courtesy : Cricinfo

To start with,It was  worrying  for me that all that happening around the world of cricket is way to serious and sometimes disheartening to write about and i almost thought it is very difficult to write a slap-stick kind of post on cricket apart from being satirical over bad performances by the cricketers or the teams and thus came up this most-awaited news and the most predictable of breaking-news one could come across “Shahid Afridi Returns from Retirement“. As soon as i heard of it i was raring to write the post about it and how lame it is when some news channels put it as “Breaking-News”  but then something stopped me from doing so. It was actually a guy in twitter  As soon as Afridi announced his return tweets were flowing in from around every-where and everybody where trying to be funny with that news and he was without no-doubts trending in twitter and that aroused my eagerness and then when i went into read more about what people are tweeting about is re-return ,One guy (forgot his handle) wrote “Happy to see #afridi trending, as a fan and a proud #pakistani”. when his so-called hero was getting Left,right and center ,he is happy for him what is he nuts? Then i thought i should wait a day before writing a post ,so that i would get more chances to come across more like those and so i did and gained more inspiration to write about it. So, Here it goes

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, the always vibrant,enthusiastic,wicket-taking,wicket giving cricketer  fondly called “Boom Boom” for whatsoever the non-existent reason ,he like any other Pakistan cricketers and Indian Heroines is ageless . He was given the captain duties of Pakistan and he did it to his best until misbah played a geoff Boycott like gentlemanly Innings in the semi’s against India in CWC 2011. Pakistan already facing all the kind of troubles a cricketing country can really  have with their players crossing the boundaries (I seriously meant No-balls )even in cricket knowingly! there was also heavy competition among them regarding the most jokes written about them. Kamran was cruising like a skier on a glacier with his “Kamran slippery hands” Antics, then out of nowhere Ijaz butt (Ex-PCB chief) was leading the race with his cannot even explainable management antics, Then thought Afridi who actually thought of winning this cold-war by announcing his retirement but Ijaz Butt was too hard to defeat . So, he planned it all out he found the way to gain success and that is “Perseverance“. Whilst Dhoni being denied of a rest Afridi took the rest with a different statement “Retirement” and he took a holiday to Pakistan(Yes,Believe me! ) and met some old friends had nice kebabs in local joints and suddenly Shoiab Akthar wrote a Book and it started doing the rounds and mentioning Shahid Afridi in it as the sole witness of Sachin’s trembling Legs and thus giving Afridi an oppurtunity out of no-where to beat the PCB chief in their competition, afridi jokes started hitting everywhere and Mr.Boom Boom was still maintaining the silence and when the jokes started to dry up and the court hearing of the tainted trio came up , Afridi started getting ready to heat up and blow away the competition and perfectly executed his plan He announced in Style “I Am Back” and his well laid plan was a success . Wherever people live now-a days Facebook,twitter,orkut(does it exist?), google+(i heard it is in minus),”thank good no more Google buzz”,etc..,… got the news and serious posts and tweets and everything were ringing and high profile cricket analysts were texting, tweeting as though there was no tomorrow and yes, he’s done it!,he has achieved it!,he is the new champ! , he is the most joked about person not only in Pakistan but the cricketing world . There were too many jokes one could share and everything was one better than the other. Afridi and Pakistan Cricket you are the best in bringing about one’s talent in humor. A great Salute for that!

BTW -Hearing the news West Indies cricket team in Bangladesh could not control their anxiety to write Afridi jokes and got bowled out for just 61 and Thus the whole Bangladesh Nation is also greatly indebted to the indomitable king of Retirement and return from retirement and Re-Retirement and Re-Return From Re-Retirement and what more to come  Mr. Shahid Afridi.

P.S : While others are making jokes on him Punter’s are busy making good money on betting on his retirement . These people are already betting on his next re-re-retirement .