Deserved English Triumph At Lord’s

Simply Rattled!

India Vs England,1st Test,Lord’s
The 5 days of the Lord’s Test is over and the battle had been won by the deserved England , what do you expect from a match where India struggled and failed to Bowl out the English side . There wasn’t clearly a session dominated by India in this match and top guns failed to make a mark by which at-least a draw could been managed that would have uplifted the spirit of India for the remainder of the series.

Enter the day every Indian were resting all there hopes upon two of their finest batsmen who have turned up on most of the occasions when India needed them and the sense of hope that if the two managed to hold onto their creases for at-least up-to Lunch , the hope of securing a draw would have been realized but the English bowler’s were very much aware that nothing of that sorts would happen and their grip on the match would not be let loose on the final day. The pitch curator has to be appreciated that it did not die for all the five days of intense cricket with rain affecting the 1st day. The new ball was seaming to batsmen’s dislike and dravid who held on for quite some time unnecessarily poked on a ball that swung away from his body which was totally Un-dravid like and Laxman also did not hold much ground for much time Gambhir went out LBW for swann , sachin who was too defensive was sent back by Anderson’s magic,Raina and Dhoni came together in the middle to raise some hopes but  dhoni was sent back nicking one to the keeper of Tremlett , Then it all came to raina to bat through with the lower order ,bhajji could not restrict his game skying one  ,Praveen done by Broad, Then Raina after a courageous and meritorious knock of 78 in 212 mins himself fell for the magical Anderson exposing the last pair of ishant and the semi-Zaheer to pull out  a bunny from nothing and ishant became the bunny for broad and all hell broke out as England team started celebrating their creditable victory. The amazing crowd in Lord’s showed the whole world that Test’s are not as boring as they think it is atleast when two really strong sides battling it out in the 5 th day of a test. Zaheer’s Injury cannot be taken as the reason for the lose at-least at this level of  cricket.

The stage is well set for Trent bridge test

MSD has some tough calls to make

England is too comfortable with the series moving to the second match .

Let’s hope we get a mighty big battle in Trent Bridge more similar to the one we witnessed here(rather better)

According to me, “The fittest of the Sides Won”.

The Great Wall Of India Saves India’s Pride * Salute *

That's a little Un-Dravid Like

Day-3,India Vs England , 1st Test,Lord’s

India’s First innings is over and for sure did not impress anybody much with their batting prowess  especially with that much amount of batting strength with them. Yes, one has to accept that it is isn’t the perfect batting track to score or lead a total of about 400 or more but with the amount of talent ,experience and expectation  the Indian’s should have atleast crossed 300 without much fuss.Whatever may be said of the Indian performance one cannot take or rob away the credit that Dravid Deserves .

Dravid is one such cricketer that everybody wants to right off and does not want to credit or not too much liked but he stands up every time India needs him that too at the most important of times like the one we had in this match. That innings of Dravid if somebody has missed they have missed a real centurion inning’s i am in path of losing word’s or define it or explain the innings dravid has played. It was classy, old-school, dominating,perseverance,concentration,match-saving(at-least innings saving),glorious,elegant,amazing,etc..,..(i feel like a reality show judge). When i saw that innings of his it gave me the feeling of how a soldier should exercise his responsibilities . His age was not a criteria for describing such a inning’s. The ball’s moving in both the directions and he also was facing some grueling tests in the middle and some bit of luck too thanks to some poor slip(ing) catching  but he never showed that he is out of control . It was like seeing the other batsmen in the other end playing a completely different match. He is a Pure genius who always gets slipped under the hoods for recognition for no reason  ,like a unsung hero(Bangalorian’s fate! i think so, remember our Kumble).

OK! getting back to the Indian Innings, very simple . Mukund missed the much deserved Half-century , gambhir goes to a beauty,Sachin promised initially and well on course for his much anticipated 100 but abruptly stopped by broad,VVS came and went back, Raina, bhajji, zaheer and Ishant had something in common which is nothing. Dhoni showed some perseverance before the new ball did the trick and that’s It ! India bundled out for 286 with Dravid still standing tall. As i finish this Post England are batting again thanks to Dravid once again.Not to forget, Stuart Broad the tall,skinny,blonde haired,T20 captain and out of Form bowler is no more out of form he almost ripped through the top order if not for swanns dropped catch of Dravid . He is in omnius form using his height  and depth of the crease and used the Lord’s slope to his mighty advantage.

It is said that Zaheer won’t bowl this innings too….. Ok, MSD give that bowling of yours an another try.

Indians are not hoping for result in this match . Trust me!

Another Oz mishap – Hussey is needed again

Flying high!

3rd test,Australia Vs England,Perth,Day1

Today, The Aussies are having a day where Ponting had nothing to go his way. As i expected Beer was not selected in the playing XI and Aussies are now being criticized for dropping Beer . The Aussies have made huge amount of changes as it seems to me like seeing a new Aussie team.Huges replacing katich,Mitch replacing bolinger,hilfenhaus in place of doherty,smith in for north. Meanwhile,England had just one change of Tremlett in for injured Broad. Even though Aussie’s have a nearly new team but kinda of repeated the Adelaide freakishness here as well.

Today,Ponting lost the toss and was asked to bat in a placid seaming wicket ,Ponting surprisingly accepted that he would also be bowling. Then came Tremlett and Anderson to start their spell and immediately spelt trouble as Hughes who was making a comeback actually soon wentback with the scoreline being 2/1 ,Ponting then came and went without much of a challenge, Clarke followed soon with yet another first innings failure,Watson ass i expected could not score a fifty this time around.Now, Hussey and Smith are trying to save some pride with the score @ 65/4 @ lunch.

About the English bowlers, Tremlett sizzled cleaning up hughes and made Clarke to nick one to the keeper and a due credit has to be given to collingwood for taking one stunner of a catch when ponting nicked one towards the slips of Anderson. Then Finn joined the party with an superb delivery getting watson’s toe in front ,Watson made an referral thinking UDRS would save him again. but finn was too good to hit him exactly in line. The game in Oz point of view is in a sorry state of affairs and in Barmy Army’s view “Just Great”.

Hussey Hustles! for OZ

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day2
Ashes at it’s best, the day 2 of the gabba test was totally awesome . the day of fluctuating fortunes continued with AUssie taking the 1st session , Eng the 2nd, post lunch Eng, final session for Aussies and for not to forget the badlight & rain. The Anderson tidal wave continued but did not get what he deserved and Finn impressed and the much hyped Swann did nothing. As i said in my previous post Hussey who was lucky enough to escape a golden duck but made inroads in his usual role of match savior for the Oz.Much was expected from Clarke but he failed , north also did not trouble the scorers and the last one to give some kind of support to Mr. Cricket was Haddin .The game was too good that it even attracted the Rain . The play was stopped and the regret was seen in strauss’s face but Aussies were happy to go back and come tomorrow as the play was stopped as soon as the new ball was taken . Tomorrow will be yet another interesting day with the new ball in hand and the fast bowlers finding rhythm . lot’s of question’s to be answered tomorrow . such as,
How much of a lead would aussie take?
Will Hussey score a century?
Will Swann or Johnson find Form?
Will England stop the Aussies?
Let’s Hope”The Bowlers take control in the 1st session making the match a 2nd innings match up”
The Ashes are slowly being formed out of the fiery performance of both OZ and ENG