IPL – The Aftermath

               The Tournament which is touted as the major reason for the decreasing viwership for 50 over format and would have been the foremost reason if CWC 2011 would have failed (Thanks to Indai winning it ) interestingly ,was at the receiving end this time around .The very recently concluded IPL -IV were missing some elements right at the start of the season which most of the so called experts missed out rather emphasising on cricket over kill,quality,no.of teams,blah,blah,etc..,.  the major elements that IPL-IV lacked were

                i) The most unique feature about  IPL is  that , it is the only  tournament bringing in players from all around world together in a single tournament other than World Cup and as it followed CWC the uniquness is lost right at the start.

               ii)Then, IPL – IV lost  its sheen because of it is the first season were the profit calculations were almost overe even before a ball was bowled. so, the surprises in the commercial aspects were almost dried up.

               iii)USP’s of all the seasons

                              IPL-I    – India world T20 champs ,A venture which was the first of it’s kind (officially!!) ,shane warne & Rajasthan

                              IPL-II   – First Indian premier league in a foreign country (IPL in SA)

                              IPL-III – Back in India , parties ,bollywood,politics,Lalit modi,always in the news,conspiracies,scams………..and going on

                              IP-IV – India world 50 over champs,Two New teams, Lot of Player changes, n no. of matches, less close encounters, Malinga’s toe crushers, Gayle fireworks,Dhoni Wins.

         Further, we cannot say IPL-IV was a failure  certainly not. we can simply say it does not meet upto the expectations of the previous seasons. Further on this IPL was viewed by some people who according to me cannot be called as sports followers as though the matches are rigged or fixed. i have a question to ask them

“Can you explain  the emotions of those owners who are filthy rich but still sitting along the side lines in scorching heat and supporting their teams without considering their image (only a few of them are actors.)?”

This IPL also had controversies , but all sorrounding the outgoing Shane warne and all about the pitch and N. Srinivasan and his csk side which eventually won the trophy (retained to be specific!) . But one thing stays for sure –  the emotions of people always stays with their city or region to which they belong and they do not least care  about the venture which is largely Private and IPL in no time will reach high standards with each team already spend a whole lot on coaches and support staff and by in return the already proven result –


IPL this time glittered lightly. But Still,  it is an eternal star on it’s ascent . lets travel with it…………