Newlands Wicket rain……

One for the History!

SouthAfrica Vs Australia,1st Test,Newlands

The Australia Tour Of South Africa is notably one of a eye-ball turner but to the misery of everyone it was rather a shorter one and too much of people were shouting angrily about the shortened series and the players from both the teams had some disappointments regarding the shortened series . But, the teams proved how short can be exiting by playing one of the freakiest days in test cricket . “4innings played in a single day (2nd day)” this says it all isn’t it… Ok, lets see a further more shortened version of the test(may be my tribute).

Day 1 – Ponting sloppy , Pup classy , Steyn Fiery

Day 2 – Watson’s five , Proteas nose dive , Philander’s five , Aussies deeper dive , Amla and Smith thrive

Day 3 – Amla and Smith cut loose , Proteas Cruize

Day 4 – Saturday

Day 5 – Sunday

Another Oz mishap – Hussey is needed again

Flying high!

3rd test,Australia Vs England,Perth,Day1

Today, The Aussies are having a day where Ponting had nothing to go his way. As i expected Beer was not selected in the playing XI and Aussies are now being criticized for dropping Beer . The Aussies have made huge amount of changes as it seems to me like seeing a new Aussie team.Huges replacing katich,Mitch replacing bolinger,hilfenhaus in place of doherty,smith in for north. Meanwhile,England had just one change of Tremlett in for injured Broad. Even though Aussie’s have a nearly new team but kinda of repeated the Adelaide freakishness here as well.

Today,Ponting lost the toss and was asked to bat in a placid seaming wicket ,Ponting surprisingly accepted that he would also be bowling. Then came Tremlett and Anderson to start their spell and immediately spelt trouble as Hughes who was making a comeback actually soon wentback with the scoreline being 2/1 ,Ponting then came and went without much of a challenge, Clarke followed soon with yet another first innings failure,Watson ass i expected could not score a fifty this time around.Now, Hussey and Smith are trying to save some pride with the score @ 65/4 @ lunch.

About the English bowlers, Tremlett sizzled cleaning up hughes and made Clarke to nick one to the keeper and a due credit has to be given to collingwood for taking one stunner of a catch when ponting nicked one towards the slips of Anderson. Then Finn joined the party with an superb delivery getting watson’s toe in front ,Watson made an referral thinking UDRS would save him again. but finn was too good to hit him exactly in line. The game in Oz point of view is in a sorry state of affairs and in Barmy Army’s view “Just Great”.

The Adelaide axiom – The Ashes- Mitch is Ditched

The tame draw @ Gabba in the first ashes test had mighty effects on the Aussies rather than the English. While the English media was all praises for strauss and cook with slight bashing on swann the Oz media was not as kind as their English counterparts to their team as it went berserk on the Oz cricket team with Ponting,Clarke and poor Mitch taking much of the critcism .even coach Nelson who came to the rescue of Mitch was not barred with excess pressure from the media Johnson,now will not be part of the Oz team in the 2nd test.

The Adelaide test is expected to be another interesting test as it will possibly determine the momentum of the series. It seems bollinger would get a look in tomorrow and the criticism on swann would add burden to the English to carry in Adelaide.Adelaide Oval touted the most batsmen friendly wicket down under has high possibilities of producing yet another draw except if any exceptional bowling performance is exhibited and make the series a 3 match not forget In the center of criticism in Oz there is also The ‘PUP’ M.Clarke who is going through a lean patch and as hussey did in Gabba, Clarke cannot find a suitable Venue to come back to form than the Adelaide Oval . I cannot wait for the start of the match and expecting a cliff hanger of a test
Let’s Hope”This match would help increase the swing of the pendulum of the series “.