Rumour has it – Warne to return

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The Funny Side

After Aussies miserable loss in the Adelaide test the media is pouncing on the Aussies like a wild tiger and there are several interesting headlines doing the rounds such as
“there are two teams and one is playing cricket and miserably it is England”
“Shane warne to lead the Aussies to retain Ashes” and interestingly Warne replied to this headline “Thanks!,but NO”
so, i thought i should suggest an idea to Cricket Australia(CA) and i came up with one.
I suggest CA to participate in the IPL auction and buy players to their squad so, that they would not lose pride of losing the ashes. To participate in the auction they should get permission from ICC and plead BCCI to pre-pone the Auction so, that they can use the players in time for their Ashes campaign .
One thing is for sure ,the competition to bid for Aussie players in the auction pool would not be hot as even CA would not bid for them for sure.

Sorry, the headline of the Post is just to grab your attention