Will West Indies Learn From England – Let’s see

~Not A Good Omen~


Where the hell is Ashes Heading


After the first two tests and the dismal performance from the Aussies the Oz media is not at all kind enough to their home side and the poorest and greatest minus point of the series is the dropping of Mitchel johnson because of the media pressure and letting a sure shot probable for the world cup is a blind blunder in the part of the Aussies there by blunting his confidence and this decision comes after only one match of dismal performance when they have a huge problem of not having a good spinner for the world cup . In my perspective, even Hauritz should not have been dropped in the first place as this is not the time for CA to shuffle players as the World cup is nearing and Ashes would have given Hauritz the much needed experience to be in the list of World cup.
It’s Simple ” Trust the Devil you know, rather than a Devil you Do not Know”.
From this series one thing is for sure the Aussies are not planning on for a fourth consecutive Cup glory . England on the other hand enjoys the support from the media of both the countries and are doing their team selection based on their board’s panel of experts and not on media panel experts as the Oz do. Australia,i do not see them winning a single match in the series unless miraculously some player single handedly rises to the occasion.

The match is stuck

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day5
The final and the supposed to be thrilling final day is actually heading towards a tame draw. With the Oz bowlers finding no magic and losing all the referrals could not even produce one another wicket. Cook and trott are having a good time in the middle with cook scoring a double ton and still growing ,Trott scoring yet another ton this year both reaching 5th and 4th places in the year long top run scorer’s list. Ponting is embarrassing himself with fraudulent appeals and he better stop them to gain some kind of respect.The match is a sure shot draw and England have gained their respect and at last stopped the practice of bad starts for Ashes at least for this series.@ 9:10 IST the score is 503/1 with a lead of282 runs with 9 wickets in hand.
“Barmy Army is pretty much loud today”

Openers stand firm for England

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day4
The England’s answer to Aussie domination on day3 was very well given by the openers of England.The Gabba pitch seems very good for batting and Strauss & Cook are making merry in the middle . Cook, the less dominant of the two partners scoring his 2nd fifty of the match with a score of 51 @ Lunch and strauss powering himself with a 71 @ lunch .England went for Lunch with the score @ 131/0 reducing the lead to 91.The Aussie bowlers could not find length or rhythm today . Hilfenhaus and siddle who were good yesterday in the brief last session of play did very less today to trouble the England batsmen.The only chance of the day was given by strauss which was miserably dropped by Johnson.Further,Johnson considered the spearhead of the Ausies has nothing in the wickets column yet,part timer north is used more.seems like, Ponting wants to use the rough outside the off stump for the left handers.At this juncture, match seems to taking it’s way towards a Draw.
Let’s hope”Strauss scores his century and make the match interesting”
Aussies look down on the field

Finn Finish the Aussies

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day3
It’s over, The commanding batting performance of Aussies is over thanks to the tall and young steven finn who cleaned up the tail. The Aussie resistance was all but over as soon as Haddin left ,soon Hussey depated, then left of the lower batting order came and went. Xavier Doherty scored his first runs in internation cricket. The Aussies were finally cleaned up for 481with a lead of 220 with Steven Finn finishing with figures of 6/125 in his first ever Ashes innings.The pitch is slowly cracking up and Ponting had a busy walk to all parts of the pitch and seems like found something. Hilfenhaus starts the bowling for Oz and the very first ball of the innings was full of drama as the ball came in and there was a huge shout for Lbw ,Aleem Dar nodded affirmative and the decision was referred and Aussies now are one down for referral ,Strauss survives. Siddle from the other end is also causing troubles and it seems Aussies would be celebrating soon.@12.35 IST england are 13/0 trailing by 208 runs.
Let’s Hope” England finishes the day without losing a wicket”
Aussies are buzzing like Bee in the field

One way traffic in Gabba

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day3
The English is on a leather hunt today . Nothing has gone right for the English catches falling short, Lbw’s decisions not given,given decisions reverted thanks to UDRS.The score does not actually reflect the performance of English bowlers , they really did bowl well but luck was all smiles for the Aussies.After a 300 partnership both Haddin and Hussey departed just now with Hussey failing a Double ton . Swann at last picks up a wicket and Finn removes Hussey. But , all credits reserved for both the Aussie batsmen who scored fantastic centuries. The Aussies executed the plan very well they were in and showed controlled aggression, they were leaving the good balls sending others to the boundaries ,taking quick singles and doubles and kept the score board ticking. Now, the Aussies have a lead of over 200 and definitely have the match in their clutches . If England has to overcome a loss they have to perform above their capabilities . as of now I suppose Aussies would not have much of a work in the second innings of batting . @ 11.20 the Aussies are 462/7 with a lead of 202 runs
Let’s hope”England produces a hero in somebody and produce a thrilling draw”
Swann pumps his fists towards the Barmy Army(is it too late????)

Anderson stirs Toubles for OZ – Match evenly Poised

1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day2
Wow!, as we all hoped the first match of the ashes is very evenly poised and thanks to James Anderson who helped removing two dangermen Watson & Ponting. The wicket of Watson was a beauty , it was a perfect outswinger and Ponting’s was a mistimed shot played moving away from the leg stump and nicking it to Prior.The spell after Ponting left was too much for Clarke and Katich to handle as Finn and Anderson were showing glimpses of finding rhythm in Gabba.Then the inevitable happened ,one more wicket fell and for aussis’s vein it was fifty maker Katich who played a mistimed stroke back to Finn and providing the much needed sudden breakthrough’s @the start of the second session. At the moment Hussey and Clarke both batsmen yet to find their form and not in good patch are in the middle .Hussey eventually nicked his very first ball towards swann in the second slip but luckily it felt short of him.the fiery spell of Anderson and Finn is making waves in Gabba and i am one of the lucky one to witness great seam bowling. The Aussies don’t look too good but Clarke and Hussey are batsmen who would rise to the occasion and prove their metal .One is for sure the match is shaping up like having a great 5th day and a definite result. This is why we love Ashes and Why i write about it. @ 8.55 a.m IST score is AUS-114/3
Let’s Hope”aussies get skittled out having a lead of 10 or 20 runs and let us all have an amazing second innings fight”
Barmy Army is getting Highly Vocal today.


1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day1
The Gabba test is very much alive after the first day and look who is in the driver’s seat, it’s the Aussies.The OZ was greatly inspired by the breathless spell of Peter Siddle which took away the wickets of Colllingwood and KP and the English honor was restored slightly thanks to Cook and Bell but another fierce spell from Siddle which earned him a hatrick of wickets of Cook,Prior, & Broad . this was eventually the second 5fer for siddle in the ashes,he eventually finished with career best figures of 6-54. the much expected Johnson did not fire. but no worries Siddle did an exceptional job and put Aussies on top.The OZ started their innings very brightly and finished the day @ 25-0 in reply of English’s 260. The pitch had nothing to do for Eng’s downfall and they have only themselves to blame for it. The wicket looks too good for batting and Nobody would be surprised if the Aussies make merry tomorrow . If Eng does not make up for he lost ground through their bowling the Test is almost over and Eng can add this test too their infamous list of poor starts to the Ashes.
Barmy Army is being Kept quiet and the Aussies aren’t treating them as good hosts giving them more things to cheer about.
Let’s hope”Eng have a good day and the test to get evenly poised”


1st test,Australia Vs England,Brisbane,Day1
Here it is, the most awaited test series of the season The Ashes test series Between England and Aus is ON . Adrew strauss had a perfect start to the campaign as a captain by winning the toss but as a batsmen had a horrible start to the campaign getting a DUCK of the very third ball of the match. Then shane watson came and immediately showed his prowess removing Trott leaving Eng @ 49/2 and Eng was already showing glimpses of yet another bad start to the ashes(English have never been good starters),Eng was on course for a self destruction but thanks to Cook and new bad boy KP(kevin Pieterson) who until now are holding back the aussie attack with Eng crossing 100 , Johnson is yet to show his magic ,doherty not impressing @ start. hilfenhaus showing some swing.At the crease KP and Cook are cool and steady and maintaining decorum in the batting to hold on until lunch..the score as of now @8.55 IST is Eng 117/2
Let’s hope” The match heats up”.
Barmy Army is still silent…….


At last, it is time to witness the most historical of all rivalries in the sports arena.The 133 year old cricketing rivalry is back and it’s more fiercer than it has ever been.
If you ask a cricketer from England or Oz what is the biggest achievement they would dream of, they would not say world cup, or no.1 ranking or anything but to play and win the ashes for their country.that is how much worth the series is for every Englishman and Aussies
The ashes even though is an ever continuing rivalry the most of the triumphs have went to the Aussies but in the recent past has witnessed the upsurge of the English in the game and especially against the Aussies. This is regarded as the great stimulant to the rivalry. The flintoff inspired ashes is still afresh in the mind of the aussies but all they would want is not to lose the little urn in their own backyard.
The English in oz is back after earning several feathers to their cap and oz are here after a humiliating test series defeat against India and clearly not regarded as the favorites to win the urn after a very long time.
The hopes of taking back the urn to the home rests mainly upon James Anderson and at present form regarded as the no.1 spinner in the world Graeme Swann and with the English middle order.
The hopes of not letting the urn take the flight strongly depends upon the only Mitchell Johnson and slightly upon hussey,clarke and ponting .clearly saying there is not much of hope in the Aussie bowling except johnson.
Let’s all hope” The ode of the Ashes Urn ” continues ..